Cerafill vs Nioxin

Hair products are widely available and they are designed for different hair problem as well which is why it is necessary to choose the correct solution for our issue. For those whose hair is naturally thin and seems less lively, Cerafill Vs Nioxin have the best solution to let your hair gain its natural beauty. They will enhance volume and health but before picking one, go see which is more promising between these brands so then we can choose the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Hair Loss or Thinning Happened
  • What are Cerafill and Nioxin
  • Which Variants to Choose from Cerafill and Nioxin
  • What Cerafill and Nioxin are made with
  • What Cerafill and Nioxin can offer
  • How to Apply Cerafill and Nioxin
  • Cerafill Vs Nioxin

Hair Loss and Thinning Cause

Hair is not a crucial part of our body and without it we can still live healthily or even thriving but, it is also true that we pay a lot of attention to our appearance which makes it unhealthy when under stress for hair problem. This condition often bring uncomfortable feeling around people and loss of confidence which is very disturbing if not handled quickly. The worst part is many of them can’t be treated depending on the main cause.

The most frequent case of hair loss or thinning is due to genetic or also called as androgenetic alopecia in which happening to approximately 50 million men and 30 million women in the US only. This condition is prominent if your family member is also experiencing the same problem because it is based on how sensitive our follicles to androgen. Currently there is no potent medication for this except finasteride but the one who are prescribed with this drug is mostly men due to its dangerous side effects for women.

The next common cause is Alopecia areata but this one is not as concerning because the follicles stay alive in this condition and hair can regrow again or doctor can give injection to help the process. The rest of hair thinning or loss causes are non-genetic and it can be due to diet, insufficient amount of vitamin D, stress, or pregnancy for women. Just like our skin and overall health, diet plays an important role that can affect the hair health and poor diet leads to poor nutrition intake.

If you experience brittle hair shafts, a dull appearance, dryness, or dandruff, chances poor diet is the cause of the hair problem. Another common cause of hair thinning or loss is the vitamin D deficiency because this vitamin stimulate hair follicles and will help with hair growth. If you are lacking in this vitamin there is a chance of hair loss and some patients with alopecia areata seems to also suffer from this deficiency.

Hair loss may cause stress but stress may cause hair loss as well and as complicated as it sounds, people who experience significant stress sometimes realize how they shed more hair than they used to and we have a name for this condition called telogen effluvium. The same thing happens in women who are currently pregnant but just like stress, the hair will grow back as the shock event passed so usually we don’t need to apply special treatment when experiencing this problem.

About Cerafill and Nioxin

Because hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem, it is easy to find the solution both by asking a prescribed medicine from your doctor or from the store. They are sold almost everywhere and chances all of us have been using at least one hair loss or hair thinning solution in the past regardless of whether it is effective or not. In addition, not all good products will work on us because those that seems effective on other user don’t always deliver the same result.

This is why there is no better option than trying them ourselves and see if they can deliver the promised benefits or not. For those who are experiencing hair thinning due to other triggers than genetic, we can have various other treatments out there mostly from daily care system and two of the most reliable brands that offer solutions for hair thinning are Cerafill and Nioxin. Cerafill is a hair care product from Redken which is very popular about their performance.

Nioxin is also a popular hair care brand with its various products to choose from but not all of them are designed for the same function, which is why it is necessary to pick based on your hair concern. The best thing about these type of daily hair care is because they are fairly cheap compared to salon or doctor’s treatment while if the product suits us well enough, the result can be quite amazing as well; most of them are just slightly pricier than regular hair care products.

Both of Cerafill and Nioxin are a brand that are specified or focusing to offer hair thinning and hair loss solution which is why they can be a very ideal and convenient option if you are experiencing non-genetic related or hair loss issue. What’s special is Nioxin differentiates their hair loss solution into a few stages probably to be able to handle the problem more effectively based on the user’s needs. However, overall they are offering a very similar range of products just like standard hair products we already have.

Cerafill and Nioxin Variants

You can always choose the perfect solution for the current hair problem especially with Nioxin because this brand offer at least 2 different lines for two different levels of hair thinning; light thinning and progressed thinning. In addition there are 3 different lines as well for natural hair, colored hair, and for those with processed hair. We can purchase the product separately or in a set of 3 products. Read also: Monat Vs Nioxin.

As for Cerafill, there are two versions of the hair loss or thinning system and the one we are picking today is the one for advanced thinning hair which is labeled with a blue shining logo in which the light or normal version has a green label. The line has both shampoo and conditioner but if you need the scalp treatment as well, the green label or Defy line has the option to try. Additionally both of them carry some styling products as well which aim to increase the hair volume mostly in form of spray.

Cerafill Ingredients and Benefit

The first thing you may want to know about these shampoos or hair care products is their ingredient list because it is what affects their performance the most. Cerafill is made with various common shampoo ingredients but also have some blend which is aimed to help hair appears to be thicker and they are menthol, ceramide, as well as sp-94. As you may already guess, these ingredients do nothing against the common cause of hair loss or DHT and this is because it is not made for the same issue.

Menthol has this refreshing effect and it is a great cleaning agent to help remove impurities like sebum from your scalp to promote a more ideal growing environment for your hair, help them thriving. Ceramide is another important to help your hair looks healthier because it adds strength, elasticity, moisture retention, porosity, and shine or smoothness as well as more resistance against breakage. The last is SP94 peptide which is believed to nourish hair by transforming into constructive elements to build up the fiber.

Nioxin Ingredients and Benefit

Moving further, let’s check Nioxin ingredients and this hair care line is known to boast the BioAmp formulation in which the promise is to protect hair and increase its density to appear fuller. The highest ingredient in this product is actually sunscreen called Ensulizole and Sulisobenzone (Shampoo No. 2) that absorb UVB light in the 280 to 320 nm range so its function is to protect your scalp against sunburn in order to prevent damage and let it grow healthier hair.The next prominent ingredients in Nioxin is vitamins because there are so many of them here and as you can expect, these are meant to nourish the scalp as well as hair follicles. Vitamin B for example is given for those who gets an insufficient amount of it since its deficiency may cause hair thinning. There are pantothenic acid, folic acid, niacin, biotin, pyridoxine, cyano-cobalamin, and thiamine here which are all the B vitamins.

Cerafill and Nioxin Instruction

Similar to when using regular shampoo and conditioner, Cerafill and Nioxin are used in the same manner. First wet the hair and apply an amount of shampoo then massage the scalp to clean the impurities then wash until clean. It is better to use the conditioner as well and unlike common conditioner that we only put on the hair shaft, these conditioners should be applied from the root or scalp and leave it for about 3 minutes then wash again until clean.

Cerafill vs Nioxin

Both of them are an ideal option if you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning but they won’t be able to fight DHT in case this is what concern you the most. Their ingredients are mainly aiming to improve scalp health in which will be more ideal for hair to grow naturally and healthily but can’t regrow from dead follicles. In addition, they are great to make hair appears to be fuller since they can thicken the shaft. The difference is probably how Cerafill focus on cleansing and Nioxin focus on protecting against sun damage.

Cerafill Nioxin
- Shampoo and conditioner - Cheaper
- Slightly more expensive - Shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment
- Focus on cleansing hair - Focus on protecting hair
- Menthol, ceramide, and sp-94 - Sunscreen, vitamin B, and ubiquinone


All in all we should try them ourselves to see the exact benefits because not all of us will enjoy the same result. However, between the two we recommend to try Nioxin first because it has many interesting ingredients that may work amazing in your hair.