Biolage vs Matrix

There are plenty of hair care systems from various brands like the famous Biolage Vs Matrix. It seems that many people often mistake them from each other which is understandable because the two are indeed sharing the same home. But, as different brands they do offer various differences that makes one can become the better option depending on your hair type or need. If you also wonder, do check our article below to know more about the two similar hair care brands.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Select Hair Care Products
  • What are Biolage and Matrix
  • What are the Products from Biolage and Matrix
  • What are the Ingredients of Biolage and Matrix
  • How to Use Biolage and Matrix Shampoo
  • How are the Experience with Biolage and Matrix
  • Biolage Vs Matrix

Choosing Hair Care Products

All of us want to have healthy and beautiful hair because it will make your appearance better and this is one of the issues many of us have to face everyday before going out whether just to hang out with friends or to the workplace. Both men and women pay attention to their hair a lot as if it looks well taken care of, it will also tell a bit about your lifestyle, especially when we meet new people. Unkempt hair will make you look unprofessional and reduce your confidence.

Trying every hair care that seems to work for your hair is what we must do. Yes, it sounds like a hassle and a waste of money but, this is the necessary process that most people have to go through because with the amount of product and various hair types that even may change from time to time, our products options can vary greatly. Trial and error is common when looking for hair care or skin care and the best way to break down the routine is following step by step from shampoo to optional products.

Choosing the shampoo is an integral or the basic of hair care. Shampoo is the first of the hair care process and no matter the hair type, all of us will need to shampoo from everyday to once in a few days according to the hair or scalp need. In general, there are moisturizing and clarifying shampoo in which the former is meant for daily, weekly washes. A moisturizing shampoo is best without sulfates because this compound can strip natural oils from the scalp.

On the other hand, clarifying shampoo is necessary for those who need to clean weeks of dirt buildup or people with oily scalp. In case you are going without washing for a week, clarifying shampoo will be helpful to remove the dirt and oils that stick to the scalp and hair.

Choosing conditioner is the next step in order to find the right product for our hair. There are typically rinse-out conditioners and leave-in conditioners. The most popular is the rinse-out conditioner we use after shampooing; we can choose from the same brand or different brand but it is recommended to leave the conditioner for 5 minutes before rinsing them out. Deep conditioner is similar to rinse-out but is left for 20 minutes to overnight in order to repair and moisturize hair follicles. 

The leave-in conditioner is very popular among users, especially women with type 3 and 4 hair because the product is useful as a pre-styling product. The conditioner can be used as a key product after you wash the hair or to act as a protective layer. There are products that can act as rinse and leave-in conditioner but personally we prefer different variants for each purpose.

About Biolage and Matrix

It is great if you have a favorite brand already since it ease the shopping process as now we can look for another variant or another additional products to build a hair care routine but, it is not a rule that we have to use products from the same brand because if what’s work best for your hair comes from different brands or manufacturers, as long as they are delivering a good result we should stick to what matches our hair the most.

Personally we are using more than just one type of shampoo and different brands for almost each step because we like the products better. However, it is also more convenient to shop from well-known names or popular brands because you can easily find them in grocery stores and drug stores while you need to shop for anything else. They are easily recognizable and most have a complete range of solutions to match almost any hair types despite not necessarily the best.

Many are also coming from the same house, just like Biolage and Matrix which we are sure most people are familiar with already. The two are sharing the same house as they are owned by L’Oreal USA, the same with many other beauty brands like Lancome and Maybelline or both hair and skin care brand Garnier. Matrix or Matrix Essentials is a subsidiary of this company and this brand also has several other brands in the collection in which one of them is Biolage along with Total Results and Oil Wonder.

All of them are representing different targets or product purposes for different concerns so it is quite easy to choose which you will need. Matrix itself is focusing on professional hair solutions and well-known for its salon-level product but, with each of these brands, they are targeting the end consumer as well. Biolage is their hair care line, besides Oil Wonder which is more of a solution for consumers with hair volume issues. Also, depending on the country, Matrix may have more, less, or different brands to offer.

Currently you can find various hair products or daily care systems in their catalog from shampoo, conditioner, and additional care. The purpose of these products are also varying greatly from maintaining color to handling dandruff and itchy scalp. Read also: It’s a 10 Vs Biosilk.

Biolage and Matrix Products

In comparison, you will find far more product options from Matrix line including Biolage while Biolage is as the name suggest, is inspired by the nature or boasting natural origin which you may like better but, taking a quick peek on the ingredient list, it is not far different from common shampoos out there. For short comparison, we are going to pick one product from each brand and here we will talk about the shampoo options.

For example we are comparing the High Amplify shampoo from Total Results line and similar shampoo from Biolage called VolumeBloom. The purpose of these shampoos are to help cleansing the hair and scalp or purifying them and lift weight, especially useful for users with fine and thin hair to achieve more volume. In addition, besides these two, both lines do have various shampoos meant for different hair problems, including shampoos for maintaining dyed hair. 

Biolage and Matrix Ingredient and Purpose

Because the function of shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp, there will be various cleaning agents in the formulation. Both shampoos from Biolage and Matrix contain SLS, the former has SLES, and the latter has Sodium Chloride. All of them are surfactant and meant to clean your hair or scalp as it strips oil and buildup. These ingredients are ideal for people with oily hair because we have more substances to remove due to the production of oil.

On the drawback they are not best for dry hairs and in general may strip the color of your hair as well which makes the dye won’t last long. Another beneficial ingredient in these shampoos is salicylic acid which is also commonly found in skin care products. This is very useful for clarifying the scalp by dissolving dead skin cells thus, for certain conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis where there are an accumulation of dead skin cells, this ingredient will be able to remove them properly.

As for the moisturizing agent, these shampoos from Biolage and Matrix are infused with hydrolyzed protein, the former is from soy and the latter is from wheat. One of the main functions of hydrolyzed proteins in shampoo is to reduce the harsh effect of detergents or surfactants used as the cleaning agents. We all know that hair is made of keratin which is a type of protein and with hydrolyzed protein, this additional help will penetrate the damaged cuticle layers and strengthen the hair from within.

Biolage and Matrix Application

Just like with every shampoo, these Biolage and Matrix shampoos are applied in the same manner. First wet the hair and put an amount on your hand then spread and lather it. Apply to hair and gently massage the scalp to thoroughly remove the sebum and build up, especially if you are like us, have a quite oily scalp that is often itchy. Rinse well and it is also highly recommended to be paired with conditioner because these shampoos will strip the oil and may leave your hair dryer.

Biolage and Matrix Experience 

On the experience, the first thing we love from these shampoos is their light scent as we are not a fan of heavily scented products. The scent is a bit different with Biolage more of fresh floral while the Matrix Total Results has a fresh citrus scent to it; none of them last long after showering and easily unnoticed. Depending on the hair type, the results may vary but in general we are okay with these shampoos and they do produce a light feeling which is great for our thin hair.

Biolage vs Matrix

In comparison, each product is going to have different formulations but in general they are similar to each other especially those designed for the same hair type. Biolage and Matrix are from the same house and using similar formulation as well and based on the two shampoos above, they are performing really good while also comfortable to apply. They will leave your hair dryer however which is why we recommend to use conditioner too and in addition, the Biolage shampoo is what is best for daily shampooing.

Biolage Matrix
- A brand from Matrix- Subsidiary of L’Oreal
- Inspired by natural ingredients- Initially for professional market
- Meant for daily care- Weekly treatment
- More expensive- Cheaper


These brands are made by the same companies so it is not surprising to see many similarities but Biolage is meant for daily care and hence we recommend to choose a collection from this line that matches your hair type.