Moroccan Oil vs Kerastase

Do you have dry hair and is wondering what can you do to fix this “small”? problem? I believe that one of the best solutions in this case is to invest in oils.

Some people are using cooking oils on the hair, but not everyone like the idea. Let’s be real here, not always they smell the best and sometimes they can leave your hair heavy and sticky.

They are perfect for dry hair but the good news is that nowadays modern oils are indicated to all types of hair.

You will definitely find a type of oil or brand that will be perfect for you. I chose this time to write about Kerastase elixir ultime vs MoroccanOil because they are fine to all hair types.

Moroccan Oil Review

As moroccanoil was brand new (at the time), I did not know much about it. After receiving the suggestion of this new product by a hair dresser, I decided to take the risk of spending 40+ Euros on an oil I never heard about and bought it

In the beginning, I thought the Moroccanoil was a little expensive, but I don’t mind spending money on a product, if it delivers a desirable result.

Despite the hair dresser sales pitch that moroccanoil was the best invention since sliced bread, at first it did not work at all for me. Ironically, I went back to my cooking olive oil that was working pretty well already and put my Moroccan Oil in my drawer.

One day, as my hair got tired of olive oil, I had this thought I should try something else. As I had a fortune already on the moroccanoil that was there, I felt I had to use it because after all I was not going to throw all the money in the bin.

In the beginning I didn’t feel it was really working very well but at least, as time passed I started to notice some better results than the previous serums and olive oil.

As I didn’t give up on the product and after applying it everyday. I Gradually I started to notice that my hair was getting shinier, smoother and sleek.

For my surprise, after a while, I noticed that my hair was starting to get better and better.

As I kept using the Moroccanoil, I started to gradually diminish the frequency that i applied the product on my hair.

Nowadays, I just need to use a small amount of the product, every time I wash my hair (after the straining).

Moroccan Oil Benefits For Hair

While using MoroccanOil, I could notice a few benefits for may hair. First I could notice a great improvement on the discipline of the hair, and less frizz.

It can also used as a treatment before and after washing, when you heat it a tiny bit and massage the scalp.

Kerastase elixir ultime Review

In this meantime I decided to buy the Kerastase Elixir Oil To test it out. I must admit here that the package was very inviting!

Loved the smell, the consistency and I started using it. I notice that it didn’t really do much for my hair, except making the straightening process easier.

I decided to give it a discount because I remembered myself about that moroccanoil was like this in the beginning.

On a conversation with a hair dresser, she agreed with me that moroccan oil would be a more efficient solution for very dry hair.

People with normal hair would love the kerastase elixir, but in my case, my hair is not only naturally dry, but I use heat constantly. Read also: Biolage Vs Joico.

Hair Type

If you have from normal dry to very dry and damaged hair, Moroccan Oil would be a better solution for you.

If you Have normal hair, both options (Moroccan Oil and Kerastase Elixir Oil) would be great for you. Knowing that Moroccan Oil would be slightly better. If you have oily hair, you could try The light version of moroccan Oil or Kerastase Elixir Oil.

When And How To Apply

Moroccan Oil

As a pre shampoo: heat a for a few seconds and apply the oil on the scalp. Massage it and leave for a while. Then you can go ahead with your washing routine

Mixing with your favourite hair mask: I particularly don’t like doing it with the traditional version of Moroccan Oil. I do like using this method with the light version of the Oil. I just add a few drops to the mask and then I rinse normally

Before straightening my hair: Even though it makes the straightening process much easier, I never like doing it. I have noticed that when I do it, my hair gets fussy more easily under humidity of the air.

After straightening hair, as the final touch. This is how I like to use it. I apply it section by section and then tie it up.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil

As a pre shampoo tend to work all right. We can see that after washing the hair, it gets easier to handle

Mixing with hair treatment mask: yes it gives a nice touch to the hair when you mix with other hair treatments

Before strengthening the hair: It helps to protect from the heat as well as helps the hair to slide better on the straightener. Gives a touch of shine. From my experience, it let my hair shiny but very dry at the same time.

After straightening hair, as the final touch. I would recommend it for normal hair.

Moroccan Oil vs Kerastase

Moroccan OilKerastase
- Great improvement in hair discipline and reduce frizz.- A good treatment nourishes the hair and makes it ready to face challenges.
- Noticed as well a good improvement on the ends of the hair and the shine was more evident.- This treatment also helps your hair get that extra volume.
- It can also used as a treatment before and after washing, when you heat it a tiny bit and massage the scalp.- It helps your hair fight the sun and remain calm all day.


If you prefer organic products for your hair, then Moroccan Oil is the best answer for you. It is 100% organic and natural oil which works good in a dry hair. Kerastase is more popular, however it uses- even only a little- of chemistry process. Now it’s time to make a decision!