Moroccan Oil vs Olaplex

Hair is often said as the crown of women because how it can improve someone’s appearance by a lot. All of us want to have healthy, shiny, and easy to manage hair but they do not always appear naturally which is why we may need various products to help maintain and improve the hair health and appearance. Moroccan oil Vs Olaplex are two popular treatments for damaged hair with their beneficial ingredients and if you are interested, do check our comparison below to see which seems to fit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What May Cause Hair Damage
  • What are Moroccan oil and Olaplex
  • What are the Products in Moroccan oil and Olaplex Collection
  • What are the Benefit of Moroccan oil for Hair
  • What are the Benefit of Olaplex for Hair
  • Moroccan oil Vs Olaplex

Bad Habits for Hair

Hair is a very important body part that while it is not necessary for bodily function, is very affecting your day to day life because it will improve or decrease your confidence. What many of us are not realizing is that sometimes we are treating it wrong and then damaging it which makes the appearance unappealing or difficult to style. If you have the same concern, here are some common mistakes we often do on the daily that can damage the hair.

Shampooing is the first and foremost part of hair care or maintenance. Just like our skin, the hair is prone to get dirty both from the buildup that sticks to skin or scalp and from other substances such as debris that we may catch while indoor and outdoor. We are sweating and naturally producing oil which attracts these small particles even more. Shampooing should be done based on the need because too often they will damage the hair and too infrequently will cause buildup to grow into hair problems.

There is no fixed rule on how many time we have to shampoo but it should depend on our skin type because the oilier they are the more frequent we should shampooing yet, in general we have to shampoo at least once every other day to prevent pollutants and oils build up on the skin causing inflammation and dandruff. 

Combing the hair is necessary to style and to separate every strand as well as keeping them managed. But, some of us are treating this process too roughly because we want to save time or just a habit. The thing is this habit may damage the hair and even pull them from the root, especially when the hair is still wet. If you have to detangle, it is recommended to start from the bottom, using detangling spray and comb with wider teeth rather than starting from the root to bottom. 

Diet is affecting our body as a whole because it is the source of nutrition and energy needed by the body to survive and strive. What many of us are not aware of is that eating habits has no effect on the hair because this is not correct. For example, we all know that hair is made of protein called keratin which is why it is important to eat protein source food in order to replenish the body, including the hair. Food such as lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and nuts or whole grain are good options to give hair its strength and structure.

About Moroccan oil and Olaplex

Because these are bad habits that have a bad impact on your hair, it is wise to start avoiding them and trying to apply the good habits such as eating more protein, shampooing properly and gently combing the hair. If your hair is already damaged from the previous treatment or habit, there are actually various products to help you fix the condition or help to improve your hair. But, since there are plenty of them, it can be quite confusing to choose one.

If you have not used similar treatment or product in the past, it is best to see what the other people are choosing because chances are they will work well for you too. Among tons of hair care products and treatments that we can do both at home and salon, you may want to try using Moroccan Oil and Olaplex to improve damaged hair. These two are very popular because it seems that many people have been enjoying the benefit and seeing improvement on their hair.

Moroccan oil is just another name of argan oil which is naturally sourced from the kernel of the fruit. It is also a brand name of hair care with similar formulation and this is what we will be using as an example today because the product also contains argan oil. However, as a hair care products and manufacturers, we can find more than the oil as you will see several of other hair products in the catalog with the same name but for different purposes.

Olaplex, similarly is a brand of hair treatment but, instead of sourced naturally, this is a more of direct treatment or also often called as a binder due to the function of fixing or repairing damaged hair, mostly caused by over processing it such as coloring treatment. Both Moroccan Oil and Olaplex are not the same in terms of product and what they are made from but they do have similar functions to help users maintain or improve the appearance of their hair.

Moroccan oil and Olaplex Product Options

Our comparison today is about the Moroccan Oil hair treatment in the original variant but if you have oily hair or fine hair, there is a Light variant which should not weigh the hair down. As a brand, while the name itself is Oil, there are lots of other hair care variants from this company that are also inspired by argan oil and its benefits. Some of them are shampoo and conditioner but there are also hair masks infused with coloring and other typical hair care products.

As for Olaplex, this is a brand for both professional range and end-consumer products. The first two of Olaplex treatments or No.1 and No.2 are applied by professionals so they are not sold directly to consumers. If you are interested, the rest of the treatments are available to purchase however but the most commonly used to maintain the result from salon is from No.3, No. 4, and No.5. The No.3 is once a week treatment while the rest are shampoo and conditioner respectively. Read also: Olaplex Vs Kerastase.

Moroccan oil and Olaplex Moroccan Oil Benefit

Now let’s talk about the benefits of Moroccan Oil and Olaplex starting with the first hair treatment oil. The star ingredients here are Argan oil and Linseed oil. The research of this kernel oil is still limited but it has been used by North African people since a long time ago for various purposes. The reason why it is beneficial for hair is because it is primarily composed of fatty acids and various phenolic compounds in which most of the fat content is from oleic and linoleic acid.

Due to this, the oil is working really well as moisturizer for both skin and hair because the oil has been shown to help maintain moisture. It is also rich in vitamin E that is known to provide a fatty layer to the hair or scalp and help avoid dryness as well as fighting fizziness and boost your hair shine. Linseed on the other hand is similarly rich in fatty acid or omega 3 and typically, any type of plant-based oils are beneficial to seal the cuticle and prevent breakage or frizz, and for optimal growth.

Olaplex Benefit

Now for the Olaplex, it will be more complicated because it works directly with how our hair is built. We all know that hair has lots of protein called keratin and has the amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is different because it has sulfur atoms. In normal conditions two sulfurs will join together to form a disulfide bond and create a link between two proteins. All of the proteins are connected to each other and what makes our hair shape and strength.

But, when you are doing perm or straightening treatment, the connection between proteins break into groups that then reformed after the hair is pulled or reshaped. The reforming process usually took a few days which is why we can’t wash the hair after such treatment since it will break the shape. But, repeated application of heat and exposure to sunlight or styling tools will also similarly damage hair. Olaplex can fix this problem due to its bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate that forms bonds with the sulfurs and making an artificial, extended disulfide bridge.

This process leads into formation and links between two sulfurs which then make the hair stronger. It is also happening rapidly unlike hair straightening or perming thus, it is often used to minimize the damage during treatment such as color application, making the result look healthier. 

Moroccan Oil vs Olaplex

Moroccan Oil and Olaplex are promising similar benefits but they are pretty much different from each other. The natural kernel oil is going to protect your hair but the process will take quite the time and need a routine application as well as not ideal for a severely damaged hair while for Olaplex, the patented active ingredient is acting fast and almost instantly in repairing the damaged protein. But, it is also more expensive compared to a bottle of hair oil.

Moroccan Oil Olaplex
- Is sourced naturally- Using patented ingredient
- Home treatment- No.1 and 2 are applied by professional
- Take long time to show result- Almost instant result
- For light damage and daily treatment- For extensive damage
- Affordable- Expensive


All in all you can choose any treatment to help maintain hair health. But, we recommend to use hair oil for daily treatment or to maintain hair health while if the damage is serious or if you often perm or coloring it, then Olaplex will be a more effective solution.