Olaplex vs Omniplex

There are lots of hair treatment products in the market with similar promises to make your hair look amazing and healthier. Two of them are Olaplex Vs Omniplex which are designed to help your hair to recover from damage with an almost instant result. The treatments are quite expensive but many have proven the efficacy as well which makes the two great solutions for hair problems. If you are interested, do check our comparison below to know how these treatments work and which of them will fit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Maintain Hair Health
  • What are Olaplex and Omniplex
  • What are the Core Products of Olaplex and Omniplex
  • What are the Ingredients of Olaplex and Omniplex
  • How to Apply Olaplex and Omniplex
  • Olaplex Vs Omniplex

Daily Hair Care

Just like our skin, the hair is also an important part of the body that will affect our confidence because when they look good, you will have instant happiness as well to face the day but when they start bad, it gives us a bad mood in the early morning. Of course there are people who are born with naturally easy to maintain hair who only need to brush them everyday while some of us have to put proper products and even hours of styling to improve the look.

For those who are struggling with hair problem, here are some tips you may want to follow in order to improve hair health or preventing common issues due to dour daily activities:

Washing the hair is necessary to remove the buildup and oil that our skin naturally made. It sounds like a harmless process and even important to maintain hair health but, the thing is water will make the hair swell from the inside which then forces the cuticle up and causes frizz or even hair breakage. This is why it is highly advised to only wash the hair when necessary or use dry shampoo to prevent shampooing too often because they can remove grease and sweat by just coating the hair.

Upgrade your shower because the right product will help you a lot. Usually most people will only use shampoo and conditioner but now there are various other products to add in your routine in which one of them is pre-shampoo. Yes, this is certainly not very familiar for most people and probably your first time reading it. It is quite a thing now and the function is like a sealant for the cuticle to protect your hair before it gets wet by smoothing it in order to prevent further damage.

Choosing the Shampoo is basic for hair care and while sulfate and non-sulfate shampoo are still debatable now, it is true that shampoos will contain detergent because they need to strip the oil and at the same time will also strip your hair color. Our recommendation is choosing shampoo with a “damage repair” label on the bottle and protein to replenish the hair such as the shampoo from Biolage Vs Matrix to help strengthen the hair.

Conditioner is a Must because apparently there are still some people only thinking that it works to fight dryness and frizz. The benefit is true and what we mostly use them for but, if you are often using a blow dryer or using flat iron, the conditioner is actually better than heat-protectant because it is better in coating the hair.

About Olaplex and Omniplex

Those steps are good habits to follow in order to maintain hair health and avoid common problems such as frizzy or hard to maintain hair. But, there are times when the damage is already done that conditioner and avoiding styling tools for a period of time can no longer help. In this case, we will need special hair treatment by professionals or using hair treatment products meant for such conditions. It may seem impossible to improve hair appearance in an instant but, there are many treatments that can offer such benefits.

They are usually called bond makers because they can help to replenish the bond of our natural hair that has been damaged by various other treatments such as styling and coloring. They are pretty common today and somehow have similar names as well which can get confusing at times if you never had the treatments before such as Olaplex and Omniplex. These two may sound similar but they are different treatments from different companies.

Among the two, we are sure most people are more familiar with Olaplex because they are the one who popularize the solution. This brand is owned by Advent International now and is one of the most successful projects in the market with sales exceeding $1 million and valued approximately $1 billion. It is well known for their bond makers that are sold and applied by professionals at salons and end-consumer products that we can bring home as daily and weekly treatment.

On the other hand, Omniplex is owned by Farmavita which is an Italian company based in Varesino near Milan. This brand is actually more popular for their hair coloring products but they are also carrying various hair care systems or treatments. Similar to Olaplex and other “plex”, the treatment is meant to protect the hair from damage and even the application method is the same as Olaplex. It sounds promising and a good alternative for users where the product is available at.

Olaplex and Omniplex Products

We all know that hair treatments are often made up of several different steps which is why Olaplex and Omniplex are also available in more than one products that are applied on each of those steps. Starting from Olaplex, the core of this treatment are bottle No.1 to No.3 and while you may ever see the product at store, chances are it is just the No.3 because the two first which are Bond Multiplier and Bond Protector are available for professionals and applied at salons.

Similarly, Omniplex is also mainly built from three different steps from n.1 to n.3. The n.1 is called as Bond Maker and the function is to build or enforce strong structural bonds of your hair, followed by no.2, and no.3 which the later is a home treatment to lock the bond and prolong the result. Depending on where you live, the availability of this brand may vary as it is not made in the country but chances are we can find them through online shopping platforms.

Olaplex Ingredient

Now, let’s see how Olaplex and Omniplex work by the ingredient but, sadly we can’t find information regarding what was used in Omniplex or what active ingredients that make the formulation work. But, we all know that Olaplex is working because of its patent ingredient called bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate which is responsible for repairing the broken disulfide bonds in the hair. The No.1 step is a water solution of this active ingredient and applied in the salon that can be directly added to the permanent-dye solution.

The No.2 called Bond Perfector contains the active ingredient in a lesser concentration and is mixed with various conditioning agents which is also applied by professionals as post-coloring conditioner treatment. The last Olaplex No.3 is called as Hair Perfector and contains the lesser active ingredient along with different types of conditioning agents.

Omniplex Ingredient

We couldn’t find much information regarding Omniplex but they are claimed to be based on a new technology that have been developed by their laboratories. Their core mechanism is a molecule characterized by Amino groups at the edges of the Polymer chains in which allows the Polymer chain to assume a “horseshoe” shape and allow it to bind tightly to your hair. It is also said to contain 8 different active ingredients, working hand in hand to provide the protection.

Olaplex and Omniplex Application

Both Olaplex and Omniplex are identical in terms of application method because the first two solutions are applied by professionals and meant to be mixed with your hair treatment such as hair coloring. For example, the Omniplex n.1 should be mixed with hair cream with 10ml of hair cream and 1ml of the n.1 solution or 2ml of solution for super lighteners. The n.2 then follow after the coloring is washed and meant to be applied then blow dry after rinse off, like conditioner.

The two solutions also have the last product for the basic treatment or the number 3. This is a take home treatment so we can buy them along with the range as well when doing the treatment at a salon or buying it separately. This is not a shampoo and more of a conditioner which you have to apply at home as a weekly treatment or once a week. This product is applied after shampooing and spread on the hair then left for a few minutes and rinse off.

Olaplex vs Omniplex

These hair treatment brands are very helpful if you have damaged hair or plan to apply color treatment without escalating the condition. The difference between Olaplex and Omniplex is that Olaplex is more popular and is more open about how they work so we can be more at ease and in comparison, Olaplex have been used by many other people and shown a good result so we are more confident with this brand as well.

Olaplex Omniplex
- Based in the U.S.- Based in Italy
- Has patented ingredient (bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate)- Amino groups at the edges of polymer chain
- No.1 & No.2 are available for professional only- Customer can buy n.1 and n.2 solution online


All in all there are many other similar solutions in the market but Olaplex is still the most popular and they are also the one with patented ingredients which put our mind at ease when using the product so if you have similar opinion, we do prefer this brand better