Nordic Naturals vs Carlson

Having luscious, shiny, and thick hair is probably what many of us want to achieve with their hair treatments. While hair care systems have come in a long way and with lots to try, we also need to pay attention to the diet as well because beauty also comes from within. Eating a balanced diet and adding supplements such as fish oil from Nordic Naturals Vs Carlson can be an effective method. If you are also interested in trying supplements, do check our short comparison below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Does Diet Affect Hair Health
  • What are Nordic Naturals and Carlson
  • How are the Variant of Nordic Naturals and Carlson
  • What Nordic Naturals and Carlson are Sources From
  • What are the Benefits of Nordic Naturals and Carlson
  • How are the Dosage of Nordic Naturals and Carlson
  • Nordic Naturals Vs Carlson

Hair Health and Diet

Being healthy is our main goal when it comes to wellbeing but there is so much to this “healthy” habit that can affect various aspects of our lives. It is not an effort that we can try once and enjoy the benefit but a constant investment for our better health, especially if you have a bad lifestyle that slowly costs your body. What’s better is, you may look much better as well because our body is properly nourished: skin is elastic, moisturized, hair is shiny and your nails strong.

All of them are typical qualities we often seek by doing various external treatments but, many of us may not realize that it can be the diet as well. If you are here then it means a hair health concern is what you are facing now. Dry hair, lack of volume, frizzy hair are common problems that we can treat with the correct products, such as Olaplex Vs Omniplex in case the damage is caused by previous treatments. But, hair loss is something more concerning.

At first it is scary to see so many hairs fall as we shampoo or comb, but it gradually turns to a stressful condition if not properly cared for. Our hair naturally has grown and fallen on its own due to a cyclus so seeing few strands on the comb is not to be stressed about but when it is in excessive amounts, we may have to apply various efforts or treatments in order to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Asking your dermatologist will be the wisest decision because they will tell you what causes it and prescribe a medication or required treatment when needed. It is also possible to treat or improve the hair health with your diet options. One of the most important is protein itself because like we all know, hair is made up of protein called keratin and many of us are not eating enough of them. To enrich protein we can add eggs, meat like fish or chicken and soy at least one serving everyday.

As for hair loss, beside deficiencies and damage, it can be caused by various different reasons in which some of them are genetic such as male/female pattern baldness. There is no diet that can fix the issue if this is the case but there are medications or drugs to use in order to improve the condition such as oral drugs and topical solutions like Minoxidil. If it is just a light hairloss, usually it won’t last very long and regular daily hair care products or change in diet can help.

About Nordic Naturals and Carlson

There are various efforts both topical and oral solutions to improve hair health and there is no one cure for all because it all related to how our body reacts to it and the underlying issue itself. For those who want to have a nice, shiny, dense and thicker hair, hair supplement may help. Hair supplement is available with certain formulations from different sources while some are single sources such as fish oil or omega-3 supplements. They are also convenient and affordable to take in a prolonged time.

When talking about oral supplements, there are tons to choose from. The market is rich in collections of brands and variants but if you are confused about which to choose, we do recommend to look for what other people are choosing because chances are you will like them as well. It also saves your shopping time because we don’t have to check each one of them. Among those options, both Nordic Naturals and Carlson are two good choices to consider.

Both of them are popular choices so most people will be familiar with them as well and they are rated good for the supplements which is a great sign if you want to try some of their products. Nordic Naturals is a brand that commits to research which is why their products only focus on the nutrients that have been proven to benefit humans and for those who want to improve hair health, their fish oil is an ideal option to try. The variant we are choosing today is the Ultimate Omega which is good for your overall health.

Similarly, Carlson is a good brand and probably side by side a direct rival to Nordic Naturals because of both the quality and popularity. Constantly receiving good reviews from their customers, this brand has lots of different supplements for the family in which their fish oil and similar solutions always take the spotlight. For this comparison, we are going to see the Very Finest Fish Oil from the brand as it is what most people are picking up and just like fatty acids in general, it is good for your hair health.

Nordic Naturals and Carlson Variants

Just like most supplement brands out there, the two are also offering more than just one variant of products including for the fish oil line itself. For example, the Nordic Naturals this brand carries both fish oil products for you and your cat. The regular supplement is also available in kids variant with attractive packaging and tastier. The Ultimate Omega blend in our sample today is available in soft gel starting at $27.95 per bottle with 60 soft capsules but it is also available in liquid form.

As for Carlson, this brand probably has a more extensive variant of fish oil products and there is this olive plus fish oil supplement as well that blend the two natural sources for your heart health. The Very Finest Fish Oil that we are using as a sample today is available in both liquid and soft gel capsules, starting at $27.90. Other than the most popular option, there are various variants for kids such as DHA supplements or Cod fish oil and omega-3 with higher concentration.

Nordic Naturals and Carlson Source

Just like anything that we consume orally, when looking for a supplement it is necessary to know where they come from and in this part, Nordic Naturals claim that their fishes are wild caught from both anchovies and sardines. All of their fishes are FOS Certified to ensure that the company only uses the ingredients from healthy fisheries as well as following the strict standards of fishing methods. As for Carlson, similarly they are also using anchovies, sardines and mackerel as well as FOS Certified.

When buying fish oil, to help ensure the quality of the products and their safety, there are independent testing used by companies. Both Nordic Naturals and Carlson are also claimed to be tested by third-party and both are NON-GMO to put your mind at ease but, the IFOS certification on Carlson is just easier to see as it is printed clearly on the label.

Nordic Naturals and Carlson Benefit

Fish oil is often consumed for various benefits, one of them being able to reduce heart disease risk which is not proven but it is true that it can reduce triglycerides levels. However, for the beauty side, the reason why the supplement is popular is because the omega-3 provides essential proteins and nutrients to both hair follicles and skin as well as prevent follicle inflammation which is one of the factors that cause hair loss. It also suggested helping circulating blood in the scalp to support hair growth.

However the research is still not enough to fully support these popular beliefs yet there are several studies suggesting that fish oil supplement is helpful. One of them is a 2015 study indicating women who took fish oil supplements experienced significant hair growth and a 2018 study indicated mackerel-derived fermented fish oil extract can increase hair growth in mice when applied topically.

Nordic Naturals and Carlson Dosage

As for the dosage, it is best to follow your doctor to see how many you will need each day to achieve certain benefits or consult any health issues in case you also have other concerns or medication. Following the European Food Safety Authority, the omega-3 supplement can be consumed up to 5,000mg daily. This Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega has a serving of 1280mg per serving of two soft gels while the Carlson the Very Finest Fish Oil has 700mg of the fatty acid in two soft gels.

Nordic Naturals vs Carlson

Both Nordic Naturals and Carlson fish oils are good options for your hair health concerns. The two are made from responsible sources that are also well-taken care of with various different concentrations to choose from. The samples we see today are their favorite supplements but you can find many more in their catalog. The two are also equally non-GMO and tested by third parties to ensure the quality. In comparison, the Nordic Naturals do carry some of the most concentrated omega-3 supplements in the line.

Nordic NaturalsCarlson
- More affordable- Slightly more expensive
- Has higher omega-3 concentration- Less concentrated
- From anchovies and sardines- From anchovies, sardines, and mackerel 


Efficacy is subject to vary among users so we can’t tell which of them will be more promising but many people seem to gain benefits from these supplements. However, more users are satisfied about the result of Nordic Naturals fish oil and we do recommend trying them first to see how it affects the hair health.