Biosilk Vs Olaplex

There are plenty of hair care systems or products that offer repairing properties in order to help your hair condition. Some of them are Biosilk Vs Olaplex which as you may already know, loved by many due to their ability to recover the hair from damage. They are going to transform your hair into a healthier and smoother looking due to the effective ingredients in the solution. If you wonder which of them will be more promising, do check the short comparison below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Causing Hair Damage
  • What are Biosilk and Olaplex
  • What are the Product Variants of Biosilk and Olaplex
  • What is the Ingredient of Olaplex
  • What is the Ingredient of Biosilk
  • How to Apply Biosilk and Olaplex
  • Biosilk Vs Olaplex

Hair Damage Causing Habit

Hair is your natural crown, it can make you look like a queen or someone who didn’t take a bath for days. The unkempt look may throw other people off but when they look good it will improve your mood as well so having them look beautiful will always be our intention. Sadly, they are not going to appear like that all the time and in most cases we have to put some effort into making them presentable, depending on what occasion you plan to visit.

This will lead us to seek help from styling tools and products that will help for the time being, but may be harmful in the long run. If your hair continues to worsen, it is best to consider your hair routine and look whether they are affecting your hair or not.

One of the most common mistakes that many of us have ever done or probably often do, especially in the morning is curling or straightening the hair while it is still wet. We are sure there are times when we have to rush and can’t dry them properly. It sounds like a convenient and quick solution but, the fact is wet hair is more prone to get damaged because this is the state when they are most vulnerable hence, the hair breakage.

What’s more disheartening is that they may also pop when in wet condition as you apply heat to it or in contact with hot tools. It is better to not do the styling while they are still wet and if needed, try the possible hairstyles without using heat tools.

Another common mistake that affects your hair is over-washing them. It is true that greasy hair is a no-no but, washing too often means we will strip the hair from its natural oil as well which causes the dry hair that we want to avoid. The purpose of washing hair is to remove dirt and buildup but different people may need different routines as well. If needed, we can also use the dry shampoo because they can prevent the grease without stripping the natural oil.

In addition, brushing the hair too often may also damage the hair. There is a saying that 100 strokes and your hair will become shiny and beautiful but it is not quite true. This is because being in contact with the teeth of your comb causes more friction and this will cause some damage to the hair, moreover if you are doing it too often or several times a day.

About Biosilk and Olaplex

If your hair is already damaged from the previous habit or treatment such as color treatment, it is wise to use hair treatment or products that can help recovery. Nowadays hair care products are abundant and with so many variants to choose from whether you have thin straight hair or kinky hair. Some of them are even almost miraculous to repair damaged hair and as a daily treatment to care or to improve the look conveniently at home.

When it comes to hair products, you can find plenty of them out there based on what your hair needs but for the damaged hair, Biosilk and Olaplex are two interesting options to consider. We are sure you have heard these products before because there is a hype surrounding them in the past. Today it is well-known that protein treatments are very helpful in replenishing the hair including from the diet itself if you are fine with consuming supplements like Nordic Naturals Vs Carlson.

Topical treatment is also beneficial because they are applied directly to the hair and with the right formulation, they may work like wonders too. Biosilk and Olaplex are two good options to consider because the two are promising the same benefit which is repairing your hair thanks to the special formulation. However, they are not exactly the same as topical treatment because the Biosilk is a regular daily treatment, similar to hair serum or hair oil that we apply after shampooing.

On the other hand, the Olaplex is a line of professional care so the core products will be applied at the salon and only once at the moment while you are doing other treatment such as applying color but it is also working with other solutions. In comparison, the effect or result after applying these products will last for quite a long time as well with Olaplex will last for more than a month and Biosilk for days for it meant to be applied after washing the hair.

Biosilk and Olaplex Product Variant

Olaplex core products are usually only available in salons and professionally applied. It is available in three different products; No.1, No.2, and No.3 in which the last is going to be applied at home or can be bought from stores. As the products or brands are getting more popular, the Olaplex line also expands quite a lot and now you can find the next line which consists of No.4, No.5, No.6, and No.7. They have different purposes with No.4 and 5 are the shampoo and conditioner.

Biosilk may be more popular for the Silk Therapy which is the topical treatment but it also has both the shampoo and conditioner as well so if you want a complete solution, this brand will offer the set. What’s a bit confusing is the price varies greatly on different stores and in most cases you will save a lot by going with the set instead of buying them individually. As for the price, the 12 oz. Biosilk bottle is sold around $19 while standalone Olaplex may start around $20 per treatment, depending on the salon.

Olaplex Active Ingredient 

Now you must wonder how Biosilk and Olaplex work because there have been so many good reviews about them. First let’s see the Olaplex and as it has been mentioned above, this is applied at salons and here the product can be mixed with other hair treatment solutions such as when you apply color but it can be diluted with water as well for regular treatment. It is working because of the bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate that repairs the hair or broken disulfide bonds in the hair due to harsh treatment such as bleaching.

This is a patented and active ingredient so it can only be found in Olaplex but we are not sure whether other manufacturers can mimic the similar compound to deliver the same effects. This ingredient is present in all of the product line but in different amounts so naturally they will get less and less concentrated from No.1.

Biosilk Active Ingredient

Now for Biosilk, as the name suggests, it is utilizing silk protein and the brand is including hydrolyzed silk protein in the ingredients to work as the active compound to make your hair silky smooth. This protein contains cysteine which is needed to produce new keratin and reinforcing hair when your hair gets weakened or breaks down due to various chemical treatments or styling. It is basically adding more protein in order to keep it balanced, properly strengthen and structure.

The protein will enter the hair shaft and moisturize it as well as strengthening it from within. Additionally, the silk protein is the strongest natural fiber hence it is good to choose the type of protein to put barriers and further protect the hair. The hydrolyzing process however is meant to break down the silk protein since most proteins are too large to penetrate the hair which is why it needs to be hydrolyzed first.

Applying Biosilk and Olaplex

The last is how to apply Biosilk and Olaplex but since they are different products, you will need professional assistance with Olaplex. The No.1 is often mixed with the solution or treatment you are planning to use while the No.2 is like a conditioner so it is applied after the process like post-coloring conditioner treatment. The No.3 is brought home and used once a week or up to three times for damaged hair. As for Biosilk, it is applied like a heat protectant after you wash the hair in dry or wet condition; can be used anytime.

Biosilk Vs Olaplex

These hair products are great to treat damaged hair and depending on the product type, ideal too for your daily treatment. In comparison, the Biosilk is cheaper as a bottle can last for a very long time and it can be used daily or depending on the hair need. However, it is not meant for real damage and more of a daily treatment to smoothen or detangle hair in which Olaplex can repair the hair bond almost instantly after one treatment or can be added with other products in the line as well.

- Daily care- Vary depending on the product Number
- Applied anytime- Once in a while to daily care
- Cheaper
- More expensive
- Result not long lasting- Result last >1 month
- Hydrolyzed silk protein- Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate


All in all it is all about what you prefer and want to achieve because if it is instant repair then Olaplex is the most convenient option to go. It is expensive but lasts for more than a month and if treated properly, it can last for a pretty long time as well.