Biosilk Vs Argan Oil

To help your hair look smooth and shiny, we can apply various hair care products or change it to a more suitable option from the shampoo to the weekly treatment. You can opt for smoothing agents like Biosilk Vs Argan Oil as well because they are proven to work by so many users already and you may like them as well. The active ingredients will replenish the hair and make it look healthier but, before choosing one, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Care for Your Hair
  • What are Biosilk and Argan Oil
  • What are the Product Options of Biosilk and Argan Oil
  • What are the Active Ingredient of Biosilk and Argan Oil
  • How to Apply Biosilk and Argan Oil
  • Biosilk Vs Argan Oil

Caring for Your Hair

Just like your skin, the hair will affect your appearance and confidence because when they are good, you will have better confidence and making them presentable is what we all aim to do, especially in the morning. We are sure both men and women pay attention to their hair because of the same reason but unfortunately, they are often the opposite of what we want it to be. Depending on your hair type, the problem we face may differ as well.

For those who want to keep the hair healthy and avoiding to spend on products or treatment that can be costly, here are some habit or convenient ways to make sure our hair will stay healthy and away from common issues:

  1. Washing the hair is the basic care that all of us must do. However, the intensity will vary among people depending on their hair type. Shampooing is meant to clean the hair and scalp from dirt or excess oil but we can’t strip the natural moisturizer as well. There is no fix guide but for those with dry hair may want to limit the washing for up to two times a week while washing in alternating days is what us with oily scalp want to stick with.
  2. Shampoos are a cleaning agent and there are plenty of chemicals there that do it job to remove those dirt or sebum while also stripping the hair from its natural moisturizer. Shampoos usually have a certain type of detergent for lathering purposes but we can choose those with less chemicals in it, especially those that are known to cause irritation and increase the risk of hormonal disruption.
  3. There is a belief that us with oily hair doesn’t need conditioning because it will make the hair greasy. Well, we can’t speak for everyone but chances are you may not do it correctly as well because conditioning can help with smoothing the hair and making it look shinier. Do apply on the tips only and avoid the scalp because the conditioner will leave residue and this can make the hair oilier or look limp if you have fine, thin hair already.
  4. In addition, drying the hair properly will prevent the excess damage that we may already have done. It is convenient to blow dry every time and they look awesome as well but the excessive heat will put your hair to stress, especially when using a heat styling tool while the hair is still wet. Try limiting it to special occasions only or combine dry towel and air dry or using the hairdryer in a cool setting.

About Biosilk and Argan Oil

Adding more products in your hair care routine can help as well but one thing we have to consider is whether they are necessary or required since too much can cause more build up, especially for products that are categorized as leave-on. Leave-on products are more often beneficial for people with dry hair or thick hair who need a proper moisture such as those with damaged hair or curly and thick hair. Conditioners help the hair after being washed by shampoo, but adding oil will be a good decision too.

Hair oil is often derived from natural oils or a blend of various different nutrients in order to replenish the hair so they are great for your daily care or after shampooing and before styling. For those with damaged hair and want instant results, salon treatment like Olaplex Vs Omniplex will probably work better and more effectively. However, they are expensive and the core line needs to be applied by a professional while some of the product itself can be quite difficult to purchase.

For those with dry hair and need leave-on products to lock the moisture and can be applied anytime needed, Biosilk and Argan Oil are two great options to consider. Both of them are similar to each other in a way that they are applied and if you have used any hair oil such as Moroccan oil or leave-on conditioner, the two are acting the same, fulfilling the same role. What’s prominently different is that one of them is protein based while the other is oil based.

The benefit or promises are going to be identical and if you are facing dry hair or hard to tame tips, the two will be very helpful. They are essentially moisturizer or sealing agents to coat the hair and aids strength as well as look. Biosilk and Argan Oil are loved by many due to their benefit and they are based on natural ingredients as well. For Argan Oil, you can find the solution from various brands but today we are selecting the one from Shea Moisture because of its purity.

Biosilk and Argan Oil Product Variant

Depending on what brand you will choose the Argan Oil, some of them may offer a full line of products with the same active ingredients to achieve the full benefit in case you are not satisfied with the current regimen yet. The Shea Moisture Argan Oil we choose today is a standalone product but it is also a multifunction oil which means we can apply it from head to toe, especially if you have dry skin too.

As for Biosilk, this brand is most popular with the original Silk Treatment but it also has both the shampoo and conditioner if you are interested. Buying them in a set is also often more affordable because you can find them much cheaper than getting individual bottles. The hair treatment itself can get quite expensive yet last for a very long time as the liquid is thick and one drop can cover pretty much of the hair as well, moreover if you have thin or fine hair already.

Biosilk and Argan Oil Active Ingredient and Benefit

The active ingredient or star ingredient of Biosilk is the silk protein. As most people already know, the hair is made up of protein called keratin and this protein is what provides the hair with its strength, protection and structure. When the hair is continuously treated with heat styling tools or chemical treatments like coloring, the keratin breaks, causing it to become weak and losing the elasticity. Here is where the silk protein comes to rescue.

Hydrolyzed silk protein contains cysteine which is needed to produce new keratin and thus, reinforcing the weakened hair. In short it supplies the hair with new keratin or protein as it infiltrates the hair shaft and moisturizes them from within. Silk protein is also the strongest natural fiber known and therefore, will be a good choice to transfer the natural characteristics to your hair as well. It is however hydrolyzed first to make sure the protein can be absorbed easily.

Argan oil is probably one of the most versatile natural kernel oils that has been used for a long time. Native in Morocco which is why it is often called as Moroccan oil, this oil can be applied topically from head to toe such as skin, nails, and hair. The reason why it works is because the oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants or in other words it contains essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E to recover the hair’s elasticity and bring “life” to it, making them shiny and healthier.

Applying Biosilk and Argan Oil

The last part we want to mention is how to apply them but it is actually depending on your preference. They are leave-one treatment so naturally we are using them after shampooing but if needed they can be applied anytime when your hair is damp or dry. It doesn’t need to wait until your next shampooing day as well because we can apply it everyday, if your hair is very dry or needs the extra moisture. Most people are using them before blow drying however, and this is our preference as well.

When applied in damp hair and then blow dried, the result is even more prominent because it is a mix with the styling tool. The hair will become much softer, easy to manage after, has a good volume and for people with curly hair, it will make the combing easier even the next morning.

Biosilk Vs Argan Oil

These hair care products are amazing and the two are equally beneficial that we are also confused about which to choose. They are ideal for people with fine to kinky hair who need the extra moisture and the effect is almost instant as well in order to smoothen and make the hair shinier after dried. The real difference with Biosilk and Argan Oil is that the later will be purer, if you choose the one with 100% argan oil because there are no additional ingredients we may not want.

BiosilkArgan Oil
- Hydrolyzed silk protein- Argan kernel oil (fatty acid and vitamin E)
- Have additional ingredients- Available in 100% argan oil
- Cheaper
- Expensive
- Last longer- Not as long lasting 


It is best to try both first if you want to get the best option because our hair varies greatly. Personally we like Argan Oil just because it is more natural and puts your mind at ease but in terms of performance Biosilk will probably last longer.