Biosilk vs Biolage

There are an abundance of options to choose from when you are shopping for a new hair care product. Most of them have the same promises but it is always best to choose the one that matches with your hair concern such as coarse or hard to manage hair that can be tamed with Biosilk Vs Biolage. These brands have the perfect products for your problem and if you want to know more, do check our comparison below and see which of them will benefit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Achieve Smooth Hair
  • What are Biosilk and Biolage
  • How are the Solution of Biosilk and Biolage
  • What are the Active Ingredients of Biosilk and Biolage
  • How to Apply Biosilk and Biolage
  • Are Biosilk and Biolage Effective
  • Biosilk Vs Biolage

Products for Smooth Hair

Who doesn’t want good looking and healthy hair? It is often recognized as feminine quality but even our male coworkers are paying attention to their hair because it actually affects how they look and appear in front of others. You can’t control people’s opinion and having a clean or well-cared appearance will help a lot in both professional and social environments. Unfortunately, it is not something all of us can conveniently achieve without putting additional effort such as hair care treatment or applying some products.

The core of finding a good hair product is knowing your hair type because there are so many of them and even if you have the same hair with a friend or family, they can behave differently to the same product so it is always a matter of trial and errors everytime you shop for a new product. For example, while your hair may need TLC especially when they are coarse and dry, people with straight hair may want to hold back when it comes to hair oil.

This is because we don’t need as much oil compared to those with curly hair and due to the hair shape, the oil from the scalp can travel easily to the length of the hair compared with other hair types. In addition, it can make the hair greasy or lack volume with excess oil.

On the opposite, if you have dry and coarse hair or curly hair type, natural oil is one of the best remedies to try without having to concern yourself with added chemicals. It is very popular and easily available while also cheap. They are versatile and have been shown to help improve skin condition for people with dry skin as well as helping hair itself. It can penetrate deep from the surface to your skin or hair to moisturize and smooth it out. 

Depending on your preference, there are pure coconut oil and products infused with the ingredients. We recommend the pure coconut oil especially for coily or kinky hair because it is the most potent while other products will be lighter for straight or wavy hair owners.

Besides Coconut Oil, there are many other natural oils to choose from such as Olive oil and Argan oil. These oils are popularly used in various hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner but can also come in leave-in variants such as heat protectant and hair oil. For olive oil, it is known that the natural source can act as a barrier against water and help prevent water molecules from stretching or damaging the cuticle. On the other hand, argan is popular for the amazing moisturizing properties.

About Biosilk and Biolage

There are plenty of options to choose from if you are looking for products with these natural sources but in case you don’t want to worry about the additional ingredients, we also recommend to use the pure oil which can also be more affordable. Besides these oils, many other ingredients or compounds can achieve similar results and there is no single product that can fit all of us so be prepared to try some and stick with what works the best.

In fact, many huge brands are carrying certain products meant for the same purpose which is smoothing the hair out. Some of them are Biosilk and Biolage which we are sure most are already familiar with because they are very popular. They also have various hair care to consider depending on what concern you currently have but for people who need to have silky smooth hair, they carry protein based products in order to replenish those that made up your hair.

We all know that protein called keratin is everywhere in the skin, nails, and hair so products based on this protein are very popular for overall beauty purposes. Taking enough protein on the daily such as by adding supplementation from Nordic Source Vs Carlson can help as well if you prefer to help the condition from within but, if animal products and supplements are not your thing, using topical treatments like those from Biosilk and Biolage can help as well.

The product we are talking about today is the Silk Therapy or the leave-on one because this what the brand is known for while the Biolage we choose today is their Keratindose, similarly the leave-one variant. They are applied like hair oil or like your typical leave-on conditioner so they will be more convenient and versatile whenever needed. In comparison, they vary on the active ingredient type.

Biosilk and Biolage Solution

Biosilk is known to be pricey for a typical hair care product but since many have proven the efficacy, price seems justified with the benefit and long lasting usage as usually a tiny bit can cover quite a lot of hair already. The sample 12 oz. bottle is typically sold at around $49.7, coming in a plastic bottle with a hip in the middle. They have no pump or spray and the liquid inside is clear with a rather flower scent, almost like gel.

On the other hand, there is a leave-on treatment from Biolage called Keratindose and this one comes in a bottle with a spray head so when it comes to application this one will be more convenient. Since it uses spray, the liquid inside is light as well like regular water and as for the scent, it is very pleasant and while it doesn’t cause headache, it can last for quite some time too so other people can notice the smell when you pass by; it is a light flowery fresh fragrance.

Biosilk and Biolage Active Ingredient

Now let’s see what makes Biosilk and Biolage beneficial and able to help your hair. Starting with Biosilk the active ingredient of their Silk Therapy is hydrolyzed silk protein. Since the hair is made of protein called keratin, the importance of protein itself is to provide structure and strength into each strand of the hair. This protein is quite rigid but can get damaged by various habits or products such as heat styling tools or coloring, making it brittle and weakened.

Silk protein has the ability to replenish the hair using the cysteine which is also one of the 4 amino acids needed to create keratin. It is also hydrolyzed first because generally protein is large in size hence hydrolyzed to reduce the particle in order to let it get absorbed or penetrate through the hair’s outer layer and doing its job.  

As for Biolage, similarly the Keratindose spray is utilizing a certain type of protein sourced from wheat and yes, it is also hydrolyzed for the same reason. It is natural since the protein is sourced from wheat and just like wheat in food products, the ingredient is rich in amino-acid and protein to give extra boost to your hair health. It is known to have a high ability to increase hair’s moisture retention, adding more volume, and reducing porosity as well as making your hair smoother.

Applying Biosilk and Biolage

Applying Biosilk and Biolage are similar to applying most leave-on conditioners; what you may do is use some on the hair after washing or shampooing, then proceed to use a hair dryer or leave it dry on their own. The prominent difference is on application because the almost gel-like Biosilk will need more time to work with, especially for people with coil or super curly hair. But, the Biolage Keratindose spray contains alcohol too in order to dilute the solution so it is probably not as effective for curly hair.

Biosilk and Biolage Result

As for the result, do note it will highly vary depending on the hair type and across users. In comparison, we do think the thicker Biosilk is more effective in providing a coating layer on the hair before being dried and this is also more ideal for people with curly hair or very dry hair. On the other hand, the lighter Biolage is probably more suitable for straight hair and users who want a quick replenishing as well as a great smell from their hair.

Biosilk vs Biolage

Both of them are good hair products to make sure you can get smooth, healthy, shiny hair anytime. They are convenient to apply and can be used everyday or as needed when your hair feels dry or frizzy. In comparison Biosilk is thicker, made from silk protein and has a longer lasting result as well as more effective for curly hair while on the other hand Biolage is lighter, made with wheat protein, and very light to not weigh your hair down, ideal for straight hair and smells great.

Biosilk Biolage
- Silk protein- Wheat protein
- Thicker- Lighter
- Long lasting result
- Not as long lasting
- Ideal for curly /dry hair- Ideal for straight/thin hair


It is always best to shop based on your needs so between the two we will recommend to go with Biosilk if you need extra moisture but if you have straight hair and want a light replenishment, the Biolage is convenient to apply and not going to weigh the hair.