Biolage vs Redken

When it comes to hair products, you will have tons of options out there from numerous brands both multinational companies and small businesses. Choosing one can be a daunting task but popular names often works well for many people just like Biolage Vs Redken products for you with hard to manage hair. These brands have lots to offer including hair products to tame the mane and if you are interested, do check what they are below and see which of them are more promising.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Achieve Beautiful Hair
  • What are Biolage and Redken
  • How are the Solution of Biolage and Redken
  • What is the Active Ingredient of Biolage Advanced Keratindose
  • What is the Active Ingredient of Redken Frizz Dismiss
  • How to Apply Biolage and Redken
  • Biolage Vs Redken

Beautiful Hair

Everybody wants to have great hair, looks shiny, thick, and manageable; even after getting blown by wind it will almost instantly fall into place. This sounds like hair care product ads but it is not impossible to achieve and while it may not come into such a smooth level, we can at least try to make sure the hair is in healthy condition so you can go out of the house with confidence and good mood every day. It does need effort but is actually quite simple.

We are sure many of us have a love/hate relationship with heat styling tools because they are just convenient but are not good for the hair. We are not trying to be hypocritical here because yes, we personally still use some of them but, not everyday or not even every week either. Hair dryer is very convenient when you need to go out quickly but even the low heat can dry out and break your delicate hair. It is often advised to avoid heat styling tools or use steam rollers, if you need to get those beautiful curls.

Sleeping is important and it is not only for your body but also for the hair. Just, it’s a little bit different here because while we can choose to sleep on any comfortable material based on your preference, it is advised to use a silk pillow cover because the smooth texture will not affect the hair cuticle when you are sleeping thus letting you have a smoother hair in the morning.

Shampooing is a basic hair care routine and all of us have to do once every day or every few days. There are many opinions regarding how we should wash the hair and when or how often it should be. With the no-shampooing movement, many women may avoid washing their hair because it can strip the natural moisture away and yes this can be true but, not for everyone. The best way is always to listen to your hair and provide care as it needs.

If you are not sure yet, the guideline is washing everyday if you are active person or living in a city with high pollutant or have a high humidity while those who are living in a cleaner environment such as in the rural or away from big cities with their busy roads and activities, we can stick with fewer wash, especially if the weather or climate is dry already. 

We put moisturizer or moisturizing products on our skin to make it soft and healthier. This is also similar to what our scalp needs but they can produce their own oil which then promotes a proper condition for the hair to grow and follow the cycle. Washing with non-drying shampoo and putting conditioner according to hair and skin type is the basics but we don’t stop here because there are many topical products that can add more moisture after washing itself.

About Biolage and Redken

If you are here then we assume that you also have the same mindset about moisturizing the hair or have the same problem with hair that is difficult to style or maintain. This is a very common problem so we will get to see many options in the market from lots of different brands with their own collection and active ingredients. When it comes to hair care products, it is all about trial and error so don’t get tired of trying new products if your former choice doesn’t work.

However, it doesn’t mean that popular options are not going to be good options because they can be yet, it is best to try them yourself and see whether they are performing as you want. With popular options and most satisfied users, chances are you may like them as well, just to save the time rummaging all brands and their similar products. Among those trusted brands, most people will be familiar with Biolage and Redken because the two are quite famous with their reputable hair care systems.

They also carry the collection for almost all hair concerns depending on what you are currently facing now. For those who find their hair feels coarse after shampooing, difficult to manage or lose its shine, we do recommend trying the Advanced Keratindose from Biolage and Frizz-dismiss from Redken. Both of them are promising the same benefits for users with hard to manage hair or dry hair who need more moisture after their basic routine. They are not for extensively-damaged hair however, so we recommend other treatments such as Olaplex Vs Omniplex if you have the concern.

These types of hair products are very similar to your leave-on conditioner if you ever used one and very similar to hair oil too, for people with natural coil or kinky hair. In our opinion, these products from Biolage and Redken are more suitable for users with thin or straight hair who need extra moisture as they are light and easy to apply, very convenient as daily care.

Biolage and Redken Solution

The best thing about hair care products with spray is the convenience because we all know the hassle of putting them on the hand and spreading it manually; some products like leave-in conditioner often leave a film-like residue on the palm and we need to wash it as it is uncomfortable. However, these spray from Biolage and Redken are light, very convenient to use, and quick to apply after you get out of the shower and dry the hair with just a few spray and we are done.

As for Redken frizz dismiss, there are two types of spray in the line but today we are going to talk about the Instant Deflate one with the red bottle and made for users who are living in a place with high humidity. If you are looking for a full line, the two do have both shampoo and conditioner options in the set so if you plan to replace the whole core of the hair care set, both Biolage and Redken will get you covered. 

Besides the light consistency, we love the scent or fragrance of these products and while it may not be everyone’s favorite we do like them to give a nice touch when you are styling them or letting it dry out properly. It is not a heavy scent but Biolage has this fresh or clean fragrance as opposed to the creamier and mellower. It can last for quite some time if you like how hair perfume works.

Biolage Advanced Keratindose Ingredient

Now for the most important part, let’s see what makes these hair care products work in your hair. Starting with Biolage, there are many ingredients here including alcohol to dilute the mixture and fragrance so do check the full list to make sure you are not avoiding any of them. The active ingredient of Advanced Keratindose is hydrolyzed wheat protein and this is a good ingredient for fine, poroud, and damaged hair as it can penetrate very well.

In its natural form the wheat protein is liquid and amber in color as well as low molecular weight due to being hydrolyzed. This process is needed to reduce the size of the protein, making it more effective in penetrating the damaged cuticle layers. Naturally the protein will reduce hair’s porosity and strengthen it from within to help your hair get healthier, shinier, and easier to style with less effort.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Ingredient

Moving to Redken Frizz Dismiss, this hair spray solution is based on natural oil and the main ingredients here are soybean oil and babassu oil. Soybean oil has been known to be very beneficial for your hair especially when it comes to moisture retention as it is rich in good fatty acids, manganese, and vitamins. It also contains lipids which help your other hair treatments to absorb better into the hair, as well as not greasy.  As for Babassu, it is similar or almost identical to coconut oil.

It has mostly saturated fat but also has oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fat similar to olive oil. It is credited for anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and moisturizing effects. The high amount of antioxidant is great to prevent harmful effects of free radicals as well as anti-bacterial to stop infections.

Applying Biolage and Redken

Applying these leave-on products from Biolage and Redken are very much the same to each other, just like with any leave-on conditioner. Most people are using them after washing so when you get off from the shower, we can spray them on damp hair after it is dried with a towel. However, you can apply them on dry hair as well whenever needed because the product is very light and not going to weigh the hair down. Some people may use it to finish their styling too.

Biolage vs Redken

There are so many hair product brands that makes it a bit confusing to choose one. Many people seem to love Biolage and Redken other products including these Advanced Keratindose and Frizz Dismiss which are working really well too with great smell. The main difference of these products is on their main ingredients so we recommend choosing based on which seems to fit your hair type better.

Biolage Redken
- Protein base (advanced keratindose)- Oil base (frizz dismiss)
- Ideal for damaged hair- Ideal for dry hair
- Fresh scent
- Mellow scent


All in all the two are good options if you have dry or difficult to maintain hair. But, we do recommend Biolage for those with damaged hair because the protein infusion may help fixing the issue better than moisturizing agents like oils.