Biolage vs Nexxus

When it comes to hair care products, the options from various different brands are confusing but you will most likely find one that meets with your hair type or concern such as the hair care system from Biolage Vs Nexxus. These brands are very popular and with good reasons because their products are working well on many people and maybe for you as well. For those with dry hair, we are going to talk about the treatments so do check out the comparison below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Care for Dry Hair
  • What are Biolage and Nexxus
  • How are the Solution of Biolage and Nexxus
  • What are the Active Ingredients of Biolage and Nexxus
  • How to Apply Biolage and Nexxus
  • How are the Result of Biolage and Nexxus
  • Biolage Vs Nexxus

Caring for Dry Hair

Having a difficult to maintain hair can be stressful because we want it to look good but they refuse to do us a favor. It feels like they have their own will and here we are applying so many products or trying various tools to at least making them presentable. It can be a stressful morning already and our hair doesn’t need to make the mood worse. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t make some effort on a daily basis to improve the condition or to make you fall in love with them again.

When it comes to dry and hard to manage hair, chemicals are our big enemy and this applies to the common household items as well. If you are shopping for new products, do consider skimming on the heavy chemicals one, such as alcohol because they can be very drying and we don’t want the lack of moisture to get worse with an additional alcohol touching the hair or scalp.

Hydrating the hair properly is the key to beautiful hair with their shiny and smooth texture but, not all of us are doing it. The reason why our hair is dry and frizzy is because they lack moisture so apply some additional moisture besides the natural oil that our scalp already made. Using conditioner is the easiest and fastest method to introduce some moisture, including with moisturizing shampoo you may have. If wished, we can add more such as those Biosilk Vs Argan Oil when needed. 

Another enemy of dry hair is the heat styling tools, especially for people who are using them very often. We understand that styling tools make your hair look pretty and achieve a certain style that you like but in the prolonged time they are harming the hair itself, even for those with normal hair. Do cut down on usage for some of them and if you need to blow dry, try drying the hair naturally with air first until it almost dry completely and use the blow dry as finishing.

Another effort is adding a diffuser into your blow dryer because it can help to protect the hair by dispersing heat as well as applying heat protectant before using any heat styling tool. Ruffling the hair with a towel aggressively will also be damaging as it can irritate the cuticle and give you those frizz.

Brushing the hair seems like an easy step that all of us are mastering already but there is a correct way to brush the knotty strands especially if your hair is often hard to manage. Try to use a wet hand when combing the hair first before the brush as it removes the static build-up and choose a round brush to gently smooth the hair without causing damage to the shafts.

About Biolage and Nexxus

Additionally we also need to choose the product carefully because not all hair care systems are built for the dry hair and if we are not using the correct products, it can be very drying as well so we have to shop properly. Fortunately, dry hair is something very common hence the options are abundant out there when it comes to products with dry hair formulation so chances are your favorite brands already have a dedicated line for the purpose.

It is difficult to find the best of the best brands because similar to skin care products, your hair can behave differently with the same products compared to other people. There is no other way but try and see it for yourself but to save time, if you need to change the hair care set, try Biolage and Nexxus when you head to the store next time. We are sure most people are familiar with them because of how popular they are but also because many people seem to like and are satisfied with their products.

They are large brands and if you know that Biolage including Matrix her sister brand is owned by L’Oreal, then Unilever is what’s behind Nexxus. Coming from large companies ensure that we can trust their products but even so, these are not the affordable options that we can just grab and go like many other hair care brands from their companies. Based on a different main idea, Biolage as the name suggests is trying to incorporate natural resources in their products to reap the benefit.

On the other hand, Nexxus is often the alternative of professional products you often enjoy at a salon. They are using various different formulations depending on the goal of each product line and also one of the luxury brands that you may want to try without the extra hefty price point. 

Biolage and Nexxus Solutions

Since both brands have their own line for almost any typical hair concern, we are choosing the popular Advanced Keratindose from Biolage and Therappe shampoo with Humectress conditioner from Nexxus. These lines have both the shampoo and conditioner options, making them ideal for your full-hair care core but if needed, we can combine them with other products as well. The Keratindose comes with a leave-in treatment we have talked about in Biosilk Vs Biolage, very similar to Humectress leave-in conditioner hair spray.

Dispensing some of the shampoo, both Biolage and Nexxus are very much the same. The consistency is rather creamy and white in color, unlike purifying shampoo so we can guess that it is made for adding moisture. They lather really well too and if you see the ingredient list they do have different detergents to clean the hair and remove build-up. As for the scent, Biolage is more of a fresh fragrance while the Nexxus Therappe is a soft and creamy one, almost like coconut.

Biolage and Nexxus Ingredients

Now coming for the most important part which is the active ingredient, when it comes to dry and damage hair, what you want is protein added products and this is exactly what you will get from Biolage and Nexxus. Starting with Biolage, this shampoo and other products in the line is infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and yes, this is what makes your hair softer after using the product. Wheat protein is well known to thicken hair so it will be good for thin or fine hair owners.

The protein will add moisture and shine back into the hair, making it look healthier as well as smoother and easy to manage. The hydrolyzation process itself is meant to reduce the size of protein molecules just so it can be easily absorbed by the damaged hair shaft and work more effectively.

Nexxus Active Ingredients

On the other hand Nexxus packed more in the ingredients in which one of them is also wheat protein but also with Elastin, Keratin, Caviar extract, and coconut oil. Elastin is responsible for elasticity of skin and hair hence the protein will help hair with long lasting moisture as well as improve the health and even growth. Keratin is what the hair is made of so adding more of the protein strengthens the weakened hair and gives it more life. Coconut oil itself is emollient and helps with locking moisture in your hair.

Applying Biolage and Nexxus

Applying Biolage and Nexxus hair care products doesn’t need special methods because they are similar to our common hair system. For example the shampoo is making much leather so you don’t need to use a huge amount every wash. Wet the hair and use an amount to lather and massage the scalp to remove impurities. Adding the conditioner from the line is highly recommended because they can lock moisture and add more after being shampooed. If needed, you can add the leave-in products before using a hair dryer or anytime you want.

Biolage and Nexxus Benefit

As for the result, it may differ from one user to the other so it is best to try them yourself. These shampoos and conditioner from Biolage and Nexxus are very hydrating however so if your older shampoos are drying, none of them will strip the moisture extensively but we do like the conditioner even better. They are smoothing the hair and what’s better, it detangles the hair as well. For super dry hair, we also use the leave-in products that smell good and help with styling too by smoothing it out. 

Biolage vs Nexxus

Both Biolage and Nexxus are good options, especially the Advanced Keratindose and the Therappe shampoo for dry hair. They are not as drying as regular shampoo while the rest of the line adds moisture to your hair after washing. The result is very similar but in comparison the Thereappee does make your hair smoother to touch even without adding more products. However, we like the fragrance of Biolage more.

- Wheat protein (Advanced Keratindose)- Elastin, Keratin, Wheat protein, Caviar, Coconut oil (Therappe)
- Expensive- Affordable
- Fresh fragrance- Creamy fragrance
- No sulfate (ideal for keratin treated hair)- Has sulfate


It is best to shop based on what you like better but in comparison, personally we will recommend Nexxus if your hair is very dry and needs maximum moisture and in addition, this brand is actually much cheaper than Biolage if you need to save more.