Biolage Vs Biotera

Shampoo and conditioner are the key to healthy hair because they are close to our hair and are most routinely applied as basic care. Biolage Vs Biotera are two famous brands that carry a wide range of options for different hair types, including dry hair with their own formulation and interesting active ingredients. Many seem to find a good result as well after using their products and this can be you too but, do check our short comparison below before deciding to go with either.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Care for Damaged Hair
  • What are Biolage and Biotera
  • How are the Solution of Biolage and Biotera
  • What is the Active Ingredient of Biolage Advanced Keratindose
  • What is the Active Ingredients of Biotera Moisturizing
  • How are the Result of Biolage and Biotera
  • Biolage Vs Biotera

Damaged Hair Treatment

Damaged hair is very common, especially if you love to experiment with your crown and this happens to so many people as well so sometimes the issue can be quite stressing. What you may have to do in order to reverse the effect or fix the condition will vary however, depending on what causes the damage so it is just logical to put effort into different aspects. Here are some examples as to what causes the damage and what we can do to improve their health.

Dyed Hair

Our hair comes with its own natural color but we want to try various different colors as well and to make sure those colors stay on our hair, we need to break the outer barrier of our hair using chemicals and this is what causes the damage. Bleaching and dying at home is very convenient, in fact very cheap as well but the damage comes can last longer than our favorite color as well. To minimize the damage, try professional service or reduce the frequency of coloring itself.

We apply the dye often because the shade didn’t last but it is very damaging thus, it is best to make it last as long as possible using specific shampoo for colored hair or washing less often. If you want to be safe, do stick within three shades of the natural hair color or choose a darker color so we don’t have to do touch-ups so frequently. To treat common damage, we can use olive oil to replenish the moisture and smoothen the hair as well as it is fairly inexpensive.

Styling Tools

Styling tools are very convenient and we love to style the hair or try a different look every so often that is not naturally how the hair behaves. It makes you look great but the bad side is heat will not be a friendly companion for your hair in the long term. Heat is applied to the hair so they can be easily shaped according to your taste but the heat is actually also cooking the hair fibers and thus, raising cuticles as well as causing porous hair, making it prone to damage.

If a styling tool like a hair dryer is difficult to stay away from, try drying the hair from a distance and don’t put the blow dryer too closely to your hair. There is a study that suggests putting the dryer 15 centimeters away from your hair and moving it continuously can help in reducing the damage it often causes. In addition you may want to apply heat protectant products before using the tools or reducing the temperature to reduce damage.

About Biolage and Biotera

Besides these efforts, we can also change the hair care system or daily care to match with the current concern. Thankfully, damaged hair is not an uncommon issue so chances are you can find an abundance of options out there from almost any brand that offers their products in the market. The not-so-convenient thing is that not all of them will be helpful to you or equally deliver the best benefit thus, there is no other way but trying to see it yourself.

If you want to save time, we recommend checking what other people are going with because they have a high chance to match your hair as well. Personally we prefer to stick with natural products or those with natural ingredients because they are safer and put our mind at ease. Among those natural-based products that are still widely available, Biolage and Biotera are two good options to consider. Both of them are quite popular but Biolage will be the more well-known.

Both have plenty of options to choose from depending on what your hair needs and for those who want to improve their damaged hair, the Advanced Keratindose from Biolage and Moisturizing line from Biotera will be good options to consider. These hair care sets are made for users with dry hair or damaged hair who need more moisture because they are formulated to provide or nourish the hair with what they need. Usually the star ingredients of this type of product are either protein or oil.

We all know that these are common moisturizing products which are popular to repair damaged hair but in terms of result, not all of them will be the same for different people. Biolage is a brand from Matrixx which is a professional line products, mostly known for their hair dye treatments while Biotera is a brand of Naturelle which is not very familiar compared to many other similar options yet, seem to adopt the same idea as well. Read also: Biolage Vs Nexxus here.

Biolage and Biotera Solution

Both brands have a wide range of hair care systems to try if your hair is suffering from other issues but for dry hair, these two lines will be the most ideal. When it comes to consistency, usually the shampoo itself is very creamy and this is what you can expect from Biolage and Biotera as well. For the scent, they are rather fresh and light but we can’t pinpoint what type of fragrance they use. It is not very strong and chances they will go unnoticeable.

Both sets come with their conditioner with the same scent and we do recommend to use both of them for maximum performance. As for the price point, Biolage is not a budget option because they can be quite expensive compared to many other options such as the 1 liter bottle that can cost around $33 while other brands are usually half of it, including Biotera that only cost $14 for the same amount.

Biolage Advanced Keratindose Ingredient

Now let’s see why many people like Biolage and Biotera so the key is in their ingredients. Starting from Biolage, this Advanced Keratindose is formulated with hydrolyzed wheat protein. As some may already know, wheat protein is common in hair care products and the reason is that it can increase the volume of your hair as well as moisturizing it from the inside. The protein will absorb into your hair shaft and strengthen as well as adding shine into your damaged hair, making it smoother.

The reason it is hydrolyzed is because the protein particles are usually large and this may hinder the absorption process hence the additional process is needed to make sure our hair can get the most benefit from this ingredient. In addition, what we love from Biolage Advanced Keratindose is the shampoo also suitable for treated hair as it is free from sulfate, to manage the result.

Biotera Moisturizing Shampoo Ingredient

As for Biotera, this shampoo is made with various natural ingredients and some of them are shea butter extract, silk amino acid, coconut oil, sweet almond extract, and grape seed extract. Shea butter and coconut oil are known for their ability to provide moisture and they are going to seal the hair as well in order to prevent it from drying. Amino acid is also beneficial for dry and damaged hair because it adds softness into both the foam and hair.

The prominent result is your hair will become very soft while increasing in volume too, adding body to your hair. Almond oil itself is said to be a great remedy for growing hair as it can treat scalp too by being rich in magnesium, calcium, and zinc while the protein and omega-3 are going to replenish the hair from within.

Biolage and Biotera Result

The result itself will vary among people so we suggest to try them and see for yourself whether the shampoo or core system will work in your hair or not. These shampoos are liked by many people because they keep their hair clean and smooth. Depending on the hair type or activity as well, you may want to wash every other day because the detergent can strip some of the moisture, especially the sulfate in Biotera that can strip the treatment you applied previously.

Biolage Vs Biotera

These hair care systems from Biolage and Biotera are good choices if you have damaged or dry hair that needs more moisture but for oily type, we recommend to look for their other variants. The prominent difference is mostly on the formulation because while the Biolage is using wheat protein, the Biotera is more of moisturizing shampoo with oil and emollient ingredients. Another difference is the latter use sulfate in their shampoo which may strip your other products like hair dye or keratin treatment.

- Wheat protein (Advanced Keratindose)- Infused with shea butter and coconut oil (Moisturizing)
- No sulfate (suitable for treated hair)- Has sulfate (may strip hair color)
- Expensive- Affordable


It is best to choose the one that fits your hair the most but between the two we will recommend trying Biotera first as it is more affordable but for those with treated hair whether it is colored or keratin processed, Biolage will keep the result for longer as it is not as harsh.