Biolage vs Pureology

Choosing new hair care products can be both confusing and time consuming because there are so many of them out there but for those who prefer solutions based on natural sources, Biolage Vs Pureology are two good brands to opt for. They are incorporating some natural ingredients to combat typical hair issues such as oily hair so you can have both healthy and beautiful crowns everyday. If you are facing the same hair problem, here are what you may want to know about the products.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Care for Oily Hair
  • What are Biolage and Pureology
  • How are the Shampoo of Biolage and Pureology
  • What are the Ingredients of Biolage and Pureology
  • How are the Result of Biolage and Pureology
  • How to Shampoo with Biolage and Pureology
  • Biolage Vs Pureology

Hair Care for Oily Hair

Not all of us have the same hair type and it is sometimes very difficult to care for it because they seem not compatible with various products you have used in the past. Buying more and new products can be costly as well so at times we have to stick with a product that is not working properly or even makes things worse such as drying an already dry hair and scalp or causing more build up on your hair due to excessive oil and moisturizers.

If you are here then we assume that you also have an oily hair type of skin where the scalp produces more or excessive oil. Greasy hair is a no-no and we are sure none of us enjoy having a damp looking hair all day long. This condition is caused by buildup of excess sebum which is actually naturally produced within the oil glands. Actually, in most cases usually the body can guess how much they need to keep the skin healthy but, sometimes also overdoing it.

This will make your scalp feel uncomfortable, especially during hot weather and the trigger can vary as well such as hormonal imbalance while other times it can be from external products too like wrong shampoo, conditioner, or excessive use of moisturizing products. Additionally, the frequency of shampooing and hair style may also contribute to the oiliness.

If you have already oily hair, it is best to put more attention to some hair care routine. The first is applying conditioner the correct way because even with oily hair, we will still need to use conditioner as it provides hydration which shampoo can’t offer. However, you may want to choose the type of conditioner made for the hair type and do apply only at the ends as this part is the driest. Avoid using them all over the hair since it will worsen the condition.

Next is the frequency of shampooing but this is highly subjective since our skin may have their own way to respond with the routine. It is also related to your lifestyle because those with oily skin, living in a humid place, or very active physically may want to wash everyday due to the buildup we produce. But, for most people, washing every other day is the most ideal because the more you wash means the more we strip hair’s natural moisture, making it produce more to counter the effect.

For oily hair, similarly we need to be wise for the product option; some of them will be your holy grail and some may worsen the condition. For example, to fight the grease without washing we can try dry shampoo while you may want to avoid products that are targeted to increase shine or anti-frizz solutions such as those from Biosilk Vs Biolage since they may contain oil or some sort that can weigh your hair down.

About Biolage and Pureology

When it comes to the actual shopping process, hair care solutions and products are almost always available wherever you go and each one of them may have different formulations depending on what they are designed for. For example shampoo’s main purpose is to clean but some products can be infused with moisturizing agents as well to nourish the hair or use different surfactants to keep the formulation gentle for people with treated hair.

The option is all yours and in many cases, the high-end products or more expensive options will have better performance than the budget alternatives. Some of them are Biolage and Pureology which we are sure most people are already familiar with. These expensive hair care brands are often not as popular as our typical options but they are also highly reviewed to provide different benefits for their users, depending on which product you are choosing. For oily hair, the Scalpsync and Purify shampoos are two very ideal options to go for.

Both brands have their own reputation in creating good formulation for various hair concerns and Biolage is one of the most popular brands if you prefer those with natural sources. This brand incorporates natural ingredients and is inspired from nature to deliver your desired result. On the other hand Pureology is more popular for their color-safe solution which is why they are favorite among users with color-treated hair since their formulation is safe and gentler compared to many other hair care systems.

The Scalpsync is made for users with oily hair because we tend to experience lack of volume and hair that looks damp or lifeless due to the excess sebum or oil hence this shampoo is formulated to give you a more refreshed and lightweight hair while also keeping it clean and comfortable. For Pureology Purify shampoo, this is made with a color-treated condition in mind so you can hope to unleash a new shine on your hair without stripping the shade.

Biolage and Pureology Shampoo

The thing about purifying shampoo is they often have clear consistency and this is what you will see when pouring Biolage and Pureology shampoo. Both of them have clear consistency and we do like it as purifying shampoo needs to be light while creamy shampoo will weigh your hair down. They are lathering really well however, so you don’t have to worry about whether they will be able to clean the sebum properly as they will leave the hair fresh and free of oils.

Just like most shampoos, the two are not free from fragrances so they are made with some scents. We also enjoy how they smell and if you are a fan of menthol shampoo, the Biolage Scalpsync is going to please you because this has come with the refreshing scent. For Pureology, this one is rather mild and has a certain herb to it with flowery notes that is also pleasant.

Biolage and Pureology Ingredients

Now for the most important part which is the ingredient list because this is what makes the product working properly. In Biolage Scalpsync it has salicylic acid which is known as a beta-hydroxy that removes excess oil and dead cells hence it is also popular in anti-dandruff shampoos. It is a great ingredient as it can help dissolve the connections holding dead cells to the surface of the skin so it can prevent and remove flaking. It is however, may dry your scalp if you already have dry skin.

It also has camellia sinensis or green tea leaf extract which is popular for their anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to help fight hair loss too if you are suffering the issue while also supplying anti-oxidant to your hair for a healthier crown.

On the other hand, the Pureology Purify shampoo has witch hazel and baking soda in the formulation. Witch hazel is widely used in beauty products especially for oily skin because it can close the pores to prevent the production of excessive oil and also help with itchy scalp that we often face with oily scalp as well as helping with inflammation and restore the pH balance. As for baking soda, this compound is very abrasive thus, able to remove impurities but can be extremely drying too for some people.

Biolage and Pureology Performance

Being shampoo designed for oily hair, do expect to meet some dryness issues when used by people with an already dry scalp because the two will strip the natural oil very well. Depending on how you do the hair care routine, we still use conditioner only on the tips of the hair to prevent over drying the hair itself but the best part is our scalp feels very clean after shampooing with either Biolage or Pureology. They leave a great scent, lather really well, and not as drying on the hair.

The common problem however, with Pureology the scalp feels drier and the hair near the scalp may need extra moisture after you get off the shower. This issue doesn’t show with Biolage but do note that it has sulfate and may harm your colored or treated hair while Pureology is sulfate-free.

Using Biolage and Pureology

Using the Scalpsync and Purify shampoo from Biolage and Pureology are the same just like with any shampoos out there. Put an adequate amount of the solution on your hand and lather nicely on wet hair. We recommend to put some time in massaging and go through the scalp properly but avoid scratching it, especially if you have long nails. Rinse the shampoo properly and add some conditioner on the tips to avoid dryness or split ends or, it can be substituted with leave-on treatment such as hair serum if you prefer.

Biolage vs Pureology

There are plenty of hair care products out there but not all of them will fit you. Biolage and Pureology have some of the best shampoos for various hair issues including oily hair with their Scalpsync and Purify shampoos. The prominent difference is in formulation because the baking soda in Pureology may cause excessive dryness even on people with oily scalp but this is color-safe if your hair is treated as it doesn’t use sulfate like Biolage.

- Has sulfate (Scalpsync)- No sulfate
- Refreshing mint fragrance- Calming aromatherapy scent
- Not as drying- Can be drying


It is best to choose a product that matches with your hair condition and between the two, we do recommend Biolage for people with natural hair while Pureology is more ideal for users with color treated hair but want a proper shampoo to remove impurities.