Moroccan Oil vs Marula Oil

There are various hair products that you can apply on the hair to increase its health or add more shine. Hair oils like Moroccan oil Vs Marula oil are ideal for those with dry hair because these are popular emollient and moisturiser which are also natural and safer, especially when they are not mixed with many other ingredients. If you wonder which of them will fit your hair type the most, do check what these natural oils can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Using Hair Oil
  • What are Moroccan Oil and Marula Oil
  • How are the Solution of Moroccan Oil and Marula Oil
  • What are the Benefits of Moroccan Oil
  • What are the Benefits of Marula Oil
  • How are the Impression with Moroccan Oil and Marula Oil
  • Moroccan Oil Vs Marula Oil

Hair Oil for Better Looking Hair

The beauty industry is packed with various different products to care for your head to toe. There are plenty of options when you are in the market for a new body care or hair care but the stressing part is choosing one since it is never a guarantee that those products work amazing for other people and will also deliver the same result to you. When it comes to beauty products, it is more of personal preference and need so it is always best to pick the one that fits you the most.

If you are the type who pays a lot of attention to hair health and how it looks, we are sure you are also familiar with hair oil. This product is not a new trend anymore but we think there are still so many people not taking full advantage of the benefits due to how it can make your hair greasy or looks lifeless. Nowadays, almost all brands have their own offering with different main stars and different formulations which not all will be amazing for your type of hair.

We all know that the hair is growing from the scalp or our skin and continues to grow until fall out to follow the natural phase. The skin has what are called sebaceous glands that function to create natural oil, the same that makes our face oily and sometimes causing acne. However, on the scalp this natural oil is meant to moisturize the hair and while normally they know how much to produce, sometimes there is an excessive amount and there is inadequate amount.

When there is too much oil your hair may look shiny but for those with thin or fine hair it may look lifeless and greasy. If you are facing this problem, we suggest trying clarifying shampoos such as those from Biolage Vs Pureology while on the other hand if the oil production is inadequate, our hair will dry and the owner with this type of hair are those who will benefit the most from using hair oil. When there is not enough oil, the cuticle will be weakened due to the lack of moisture.

We personally believe there is the perfect hair oil for you in the market whether they are popular options or something that you may have to spend time and research to find. The easiest one is for dry hair owners because hair oil is initially made for the purpose of adding moisture and shine to dry and damaged hair, especially those with coarser texture or curly hair. If you have fine and straight hair, the oil should be light and not applied to the scalp to prevent excessive oiliness.

About Moroccan Oil and Marula Oil

With the popularity of hair oil, it is easy to find the product out there, whether it is a budget option or those in the higher price range with manual treatment and probably purer ingredients or blend. However, we will never know which of them will work best so we do recommend to see what other similar hair owners will use to save the time and budget or shop carefully to avoid purchasing a product that we won’t benefit us.

Almost all big beauty brands have their own hair oil such as LOreal or Kerastase but for you who prefer a more naturally sourced oil, we recommend to consider using a standalone oil that can be mixed with carrier oil or blended and hair oil from some brands such as Moroccan oil and Marula oil from OGX. Some may already know that Moroccan oil is a brand name as well and today we are going to talk about their most popular product which is the Moroccan oil treatment. 

This hair oil is the star from the brand but you can still find similar options from other less known brands as well, depending on which seems more efficient for you. Marula oil on the other hand is similarly natural oil derived from the kernel of Marula plant, just like how Moroccan oil is used to call the Argan oil due to how the oil is derived from the plant endemic in the region. As natural based options, personally we feel safer when using either Moroccan oil or Marula oil.

What you may want to note is that unless they are stated as pure Moroccan oil and Marula oil, chances are there will be other ingredients in the formulation and you may not like some of them so it is wise to see whether you are fine with the blend since if not we can always find another alternative.

Moroccan Oil and Marula Oil Solution

As a comparison today we are going to take ready to use hair oil that you can get from popular brands as they are easily available. For example we will be using the Moroccan oil from the same brand and OGX Marula hair elixirt in which none of them are 100% pure kernel oil. These serums or hair oils are very convenient as you can apply them whenever needed and the consistency itself is not greasy which is a nice plus as well since personally we avoid natural oil for the uncomfortable residue.

As for the formulation, these hair oils are quite thick and in comparison the Moroccan oil seems a little bit thicker than Marula oil from OGX. We are not sure how they smell initially but these oils are added with fragrance. Moroccan oil from the same name brand is also added with colorant which results in a golden yellowish shade while the OGX oil is clear, it has no color the same with 100% pure marula oil.

Moroccan Oil Benefits

Now let’s see why people love Moroccan oil and Marula oil because there must be a reason for their popularity. Starting with Moroccan oil from the same name brand, this product is not 100% pure Argan oil but is made with both Argan oil and Linseed or Flaxseed extract. Argan oil is one of the most popular oils to be integrated in beauty products especially for hair and this is for good reasons which is because it is rich in linoleic and oleic acid, as well as Vitamin E.

In studies the oil is shown to protect hair shaft from damage by hair treatment such as hair dyes and in general will coat or moisturize your hair to prevent drying, especially when it is coarse or fragile from treatments or styling habits. Flaxseed on the other hand is also rich in Vitamin E and is known to help with hair growth when applied to the scalp as it promotes healthier skin or improving circulation on the scalp. In addition, this specific hair oil also has silicon to weigh and add shine to your hair.

Marula Oil Benefits

Moving to OGX Marula hair oil, this product is made with Marula oil, Avocado oil, and Coconut oil as well. Marula is known to moisturize hair without being greasy so it is probably suitable to be applied near or even on the scalp as well if you have dry skin. The difference with Argan oil is that this oil has a higher antioxidant which means it can fight free radical damage more effectively yet, it is not as capable in penetrating the hair.

However, the role for better penetration is taken by Coconut oil here because it has a unique characteristic to deeply seep into the hair shaft that is lack in moisture while also helps in preventing damage during your regular heat styling. But, we better keep it away from the scalp as it will clog the pores and may cause some skin problems. Avocado oil has similar characters to Coconut but not as greasy.

Moroccan Oil and Marula Oil Impression

These hair oils are a great option if you are looking for a product that can take care of the hair shaft after washing and conditioning not enough to replenish the moisture. The prominent difference in our opinion is the consistency because Moroccan oil is thicker and heavier to the hair which is probably due to the star ingredient and silicon while OGX Marula oil is lighter to apply and on the hair. Scent wise the Moroccan oil fragrance is very faint with fresh notes to it instead of the musky, nutty scent of the latter oil.

Moroccan Oil vs Marula Oil 

Both Moroccan oil and Marula oil are good options if you have dry hair and need more moisture. Their difference is mostly in the formulation that causes the former oil to be thicker hence we also think it will suit people with either thick, damaged, or with curly hair and super dry as it is great to fight frizz. On the other hand Marula oil by OGX is fairly light and leaves no grease so it seems better for people with thin and fine hair.

Moroccan OilMarula Oil 
- Better at penetrating hair shaft- Not as good at seeping into hair shaft
- Heavier- Lighter
- Lower in antioxidant- High in antioxidant (Vitamin E & C)
- Has coloring (Moroccanoil brand)- Clear (OGX Marula oil elixir)


All in all it is best to shop based on your hair’s need and from the sample above, we can recommend the Moroccan oil, its original variant for those with thicker or damaged hair while the lighter OGX Marula oil Elixir is more ideal for users with thin or straight fine hair.