Moroccan Oil vs Pureology

When it comes to hair products, there are so many options out there that are designed for your hair type. Plenty of brands such as Moroccan Oil Vs Pureology are covering a wide range of hair care solutions, especially for those with dry hair or need a solution to help them add moisture and shine into their hair. If you are also suffering from dry hair, do check what these brands can offer and which of their products will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Using Hair Oil
  • What are Moroccan Oil and Pureology
  • How are the Solution of Moroccan Oil and Pureology
  • What are the Ingredients of Moroccan Oil
  • What are the Ingredients of Pureology
  • How to Apply Moroccan Oil and Pureology
  • Moroccan Oil Vs Pureology

Hair Oil

The same way we treat the skin, our hair will improve the confidence and this is why we pay a lot of attention when caring for them. There are various hair products to improve your hair health and look but the most confusing part is not all of them will benefit you. We all know how large the beauty industry is and the amount of products out there in the market only continue to grow to answer the customers demand. 

One of the most popular or probably hyped hair products is hair oil and this trend seems to be a great way for people to discover the natural remedies for their hair problems. Hair oil is derived from natural plants such as kernel oil like argan and marula which personally we feel safer to use. As for the reason why we need hair oil, this is because unlike the skin that can produce oil on its own, our hair does not and thus, need the moisture from other sources.

In normal conditions, our skin or scalp will produce sebum and the natural oil will travel down the hair in which combing process will help this process as well. If the skin is producing enough oil then our hair will be properly hydrated as well as look shiny and healthy. In people with dry skin, there is not enough oil to cover the hair shaft and this is causing your hair to dry or frizz and difficult to maintain, especially prominent in people with damaged hair due to chemical treatment or heat styling tools and other habits.

Hair oil can help by replenishing your hair moisture and keeping it hydrated for a longer time. They are also convenient because we can apply them several times a day depending on the need but do look for their other ingredients as well if you decide to go for the branded one since usually they are already blended with other substance; mostly either to preserve the formulation or to help the product spread well without leaving any grease. 

Besides moisturizing the hair, the hair oil will strengthen the hair due to increase in moisture and proper hydration. It is also good to protect the hair from heat damage as they coat the outer layer of the hair strands. If you often struggle with frizz hair or find it difficult to keep them in place and stay neat, hair oil may help as well to seal moisture and act as a barrier for humidity to enter the hair shaft. In some cases, applying natural oil onto the scalp may promote hair growth as well.

About Moroccan Oil and Pureology

If you are here then we assume that you are also looking for a new hair oil or want to try the product, especially if your hair is already dry or damaged. Nowadays almost all brands are offering at least a type of hair oil for their customers and most of them are also added with a certain type of silicon to ease the application. If you have a favorite hair care brand already, it is probably convenient to see what they offer in the collection.

Usually, the more you spend on a product chances are they will be better but it is not always the case. However, we do think high-quality products cost more due to their choice of ingredients or process. If you are interested in trying hair oils, those from popular brands such as Moroccan Oil and Pureology are two good options to consider. Both of them are well-known with their range of hair products but in comparison Pureology is more acknowledged for its color-safe hair care systems.

Their shampoos that you can check in our Biolage Vs Pureology here is one of the best to treat color-treated hair as they are gentler. Moroccan oil on the other hand is more famous or best well-known as the traditional oil of Morocco and based on Argan oil. The two brands are not strangers anymore in the market because many have experienced how good they are. Price wise they are not very cheap as well so we can expect more from their products.

While Pureology is focusing on color-treated hair, this brand is also carrying a wide range of product options with various concerns and hair oil is one of their solutions for people with dry hair. They do have several variants however so we are going to choose only one which is the Precious Oil. As for the Moroccan Oil, we will be talking about the original variant as the product is also available in Light version if you have thin or straight hair that doesn’t need the extra weight.

Moroccan Oil and Pureology Solution

Now coming to the oil solution itself, both these products from Moroccan Oil and Pureology are quite different but if you happen to pick their other variants, this comparison may not apply to those options. The original Moroccan oil from the same name brand is quite heavy and we guess there is silicon in this oil because it is meant to keep or tame your hair besides providing hydration. The oil unfortunately has coloring so it is golden yellow which may not be that versatile for those with very light shade hair.

On the other hand, what we love the most from Pureology besides the effective products is their scent and this is the same with this Precious Oil. The bottle is light brown but the liquid inside is clear so you don’t need to worry there is a tint transferring to your hair. In comparison to Morocan Oil, this one is very light and more like water but still thicker than typical hair perfume. Both products come with a pump and usually they need less than a pump for half part of the hair.

Moroccan Oil Ingredients

Now let’s see why Moroccan Oil and Pureology hair oil are very popular. Starting with Moroccan oil, this product contains both argan oil and linseed extract. Argan oil is from the kernel of the plant which is commonly used since a long time ago in the region hence often called as Moroccan oil. This oil is rich in fatty acids which is great to lubricate the hair shaft and maintain the moisture, making it look livelier as well as soft and shiny.

Linseed or flaxseed is both rich in fatty acid as well as Vitamin E and the diet of this food is often recommended to treat hair loss. The nutrients itself will help your hair stay strong and healthy while preventing breakage. As for the silicon, Moroccan oil uses both dimethicone and cyclomethicone which both are not water soluble but none are also damaging or strip the hair. They may produce some build up however.

Pureology Ingredients

Next let’s see the Pureology and the first thing we want to mention is this specific hair oil is free from both silicon and paraben so if you have the concern, this product may be more reassuring. The star ingredients here are sunflower seed extract, coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Sunflower seed oil is very light and this is why people with fine hair prefer it better. It is also rich in Vitamin E to strengthen the hair and minerals. 

Coconut oil is one of the best when it comes to moisturizing as it seeps deep into the hair shaft, maintaining the hair from the inside, the same with olive oil. Jojoba oil is also popular for the vitamins and minerals and often used on the scalp too since it can promote hair growth or prevent hair loss.

Applying Moroccan Oil and Pureology

Another thing we love from Moroccan Oil and Pureology Precious Oil is the versatility as you can use them for various hair care steps. They can be applied after washing and before blow drying or anytime you need to moisturize the hair. They can be added to hair masks as well if you prefer to use the weekly hair treatment. As for the Precious Oil, some people also use it as pre-wash and to mask the hair for overnight treatment but it may cause oiliness for us with an already oily scalp.

Moroccan Oil vs Pureology

It is best to provide proper nourishment to the hair especially if you have dry or damaged hair. The difference between Moroccan Oil and Pureology Precious Oil is on the formulation and texture because in comparison the former is much heavier and thicker which makes it ideal for those with very dry, coarse, thick, or damaged hair to add weight and to tame frizz. The Pureology on the other hand is more versatile for people with fine and thin hair as it is very light. It also doesn’t have any silicone if you want to avoid the ingredient.

Moroccan Oil Pureology
- Heavier- Lightweight (Precious oil)
- Use silicon- No silicon & paraben
- Ideal for curly/damaged hair- Ideal for fine and straight hair
- Has colorant- No colorant


Both are good options as additional treatment for your hair. We recommend the Moroccan oil for you with thick or curly hair and overall need heavier moisturizer while if your hair is fine and prone to look lifeless, it is best to opt for lighter oil such as the Precious oil from Pureology.